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A GOLDen Opportunity for Recent Graduates

Sunday, December 15, 2013

From now on, recent graduates are as good as G.O.L.D. – “Graduates of the Last Decade,” that is. The acronym, which was recently introduced by the Office of Alumni Relations, encompasses all alumni who graduated with an undergraduate degree within the past 10 years. And, what’s more, there will be special events and discounts available exclusively for this enthusiastic group.

“Alumni who graduated within the last 10 years have a lot in common,” said Elisa Douglas ’05C, Assistant Director in the Office of Alumni Relations, who will be overseeing all G.O.L.D. activities. “Most of them are still very early in their professional careers, and they also share many of the same cultural interests. By grouping them together with this fun, new acronym, we hope to keep them engaged with the University, to broaden their horizons and to help them further develop their own alumni network.”

The G.O.L.D. initiative is still young, but there has already been one introductory event, called Golf to G.O.L.D.: Around SJU in 9 Holes. This fun program allowed students to play mini-golf on the Great Lawn and later network with G.O.L.D. alumni.

Douglas hopes that this type of student-alumni interaction will remain a hallmark of these events, but it only scratches the surface of what she’s hoping to do.

“Networking – maybe even networking by industry – will definitely play a part in our future events,” Douglas explained. “There will also be arts-and-enrichment outings, such as ice skating in Bryant Park, in addition to opportunities for our alumni to serve others. Giving back to the community is important for many of our G.O.L.D. alumni, so we hope to be the catalyst that helps them stay involved in those efforts.”

An informal G.O.L.D. leadership group, consisting of a handful of recent alumni, has been meeting periodically over the last few months to help Douglas plan and organize upcoming events.

“As it is, G.O.L.D. alumni will receive special discounts at a number of events, like at our Men’s Basketball Pre-Game Receptions, so that alone is pretty fantastic,” Douglas noted. “But there’s so much more for our G.O.L.D. graduates to do, and I’m excited to be preparing a host of events and initiatives for them. And, of course, I hope to hear from recent graduates as we continue this exciting process.”

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Interested in participating in the  Contact Elisa Douglas ’05C at (718) 990-6168 or by e-mail at [email protected].