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Research Month Celebrates Faculty and Student Scholarship

Friday, April 26, 2013

St. John's University celebrated its annual Research Month in April with activities showcasing the academic excellence and scholarship of its students and faculty.

Professors and students shared their work with the University community through a variety of well-attended events. At the Queens campus, lectures, poster sessions, oral presentations, roundtable discussions and workshops took place throughout the month. Students and faculty at the Staten Island campus held a series of events on Thursday, April 25.

Robert Mangione, Ed.D., R.Ph., Provost, complimented students and faculty on their commitment to scholarly achievement. “Research—especially academic research—is a form of optimism about the human condition,” he stated. “I know that’s something we all believe in our hearts.”

“This month is an opportunity for our entire University community to come together and recognize the impressive level of scholarship achieved by our students and faculty," said Christopher Cuccia, Ed.D., Academic Assistant Vice President at the Staten Island campus.

Dr. Mangione offered special congratulations to faculty at the University’s annual Grants Reception, held on April 8 in the D’Angelo Center. The reception recognizes professors who receive significant government and private support for their research. “We love being students,” he said, “but what’s more important is that there are significant answers to be found, and that, more than anything else, is what drives us to do research—to make a difference, to make our world better.”

During the faculty poster session, Andre McKenzie, Ed.D., Vice President of Academic Support Services, discussed the value of sharing scholarly endeavors across disciplines. "Many faculty members are working within the confines of a particular department or academic area,” he said, “so it may be rare to have a chance not only to meet their colleagues, but share their research."

He added, "The faculty is the heart of the institution. Having the opportunity to see their research and hear them discuss it is exciting."

“I find it so interesting to see what everyone else is doing,” said Thomas M. Kitts, Ph.D., Professor of English and Chair of English and Speech in the College of Professional Studies. He was on hand to present his own research on singer/songwriter John Fogarty. “I find myself wandering away from my own poster exhibit—I’m meeting so many people for the first time, and I've been here 30 years."

Feedback from colleagues made Research Month especially enjoyable, said Ming-hui Li, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Human Services and Counseling in The School of Education. "We're learning from each other,” she said, “and that can only enhance our research."

On the Queens campus, students displayed their own research in a poster session at Carnesecca Arena. Dr. Mangione was impressed that so many projects reflected their strong collaborations with faculty. "It's consistent with the tremendous mentoring that is available at St. John's—and the extraordinary scholarly work these partnerships generate,” he said.

“This really helps me to see all the other studies my peers are conducting in the field,” said Deanna Kokotos '14G, a graduate student in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She was there to present her research on English-language screening for children from diverse backgrounds.

"A day like this reminds you that no one works in a vacuum,” said Sapna Narang '14G, who is conducting research with Kokotos. "The best part is, even people who are not part of our field are coming up and telling us how interesting they find our work."