Center for Law and Religion Welcomes New and Returning Student Fellows

October 1, 2012

The Center for Law and Religion (CLR) recently welcomed two new student Fellows, Dylan Sherwood ’13 and Jessica Wright ’14, who joined returning Fellows Yosefa Englard ’13, Andrew Hamilton ’13 and Jordan Hummel ’13. The one-year fellowship program, which began last year, offers students the opportunity to explore their interests in law and religion. “I was honored to be selected as a CLR Fellow,” Sherwood said. “It’s great to work with others who are passionate about the study of law and religion.” Added Wright: “As a former student of political philosophy, and now as a law student, I’m excited to continue to study and discuss the traditions, laws and beliefs by which people order their lives. These issues are fascinating and complex, and CLR provides a great forum for discussion, debate, and further exploration.”

The Fellows work closely with CLR’s Director, Professor Mark L. Movsesian, and Associate Director, Professor Marc O DiGirolami, to prepare new programs, assist with research projects and maintain the Center’s blog, CLR Forum, which launched in 2011. “Working as a Fellow is a great experience. We get the chance to collaborate closely with St. John's law professors on projects we care deeply about,” said Hamilton. The Fellows’ primary responsibility is maintaining CLR Forum’s Scholarship Roundup, a series of daily posts on articles and books on a range of law and religion topics. “Every week I look forward to scouting out and posting new scholarship that will foster intellectual discussion and debate,” said Hummel.In addition to contributing to the Scholarship Roundup, the Fellows also write about current events that relate to law and religion. “It’s not every day that law students can put what they learn into context,” Englard noted. “The research and writing we do for CLR Forum gives us that opportunity.” CLR Forum is quickly becoming a primary resource for law and religion scholars around the world. “It’s been an amazing experience to witness what CLR has achieved in the short time since its start in 2010 and I look forward to seeing what this new year brings,” said Hummel.