Jack Carew '59C, '00HON Plans To Be Connected To St. John's Future

September 21, 2012

Connections have always been important to Jack Carew '59C, '00HON. During the course of his exceptional career, he has been a highly successful sales executive, the head of his own multi-million dollar enterprise and a New York Times bestselling author.

And he credits much of his success to St. John's University.

"It was connections that pulled my whole career together," he says. "Having gone to St. John's helped me to make contact with a lot of influential people. The St. John's name was connected throughout the United States, and that meant that I, as a St. John's alumnus, was connected as well. Wherever I go, and whomever I associate with, everybody recognizes St. John's. I have the benefit of a highly visible university next to my name."

Jack's Continuing Support
Although he graduated more than a half century ago, Jack has never lost his love for the University. He is a member of The Loughlin Society, St. John's premier donor recognition group, and The McCallen Society. He also serves as a member of St. John's Board of Governors, the group that advises the University's President and Board of Trustees on strategic issues.

"My wife Barbara and I both love St. John's," he says, "and we're always looking to do something to show how much we appreciate the University's commitment to working class students—kids who come from the same background that I did. I ran Cross Country Track and was inducted into St. John's Athletic Hall of Fame, so I have a special place in my heart for student-athletes. We established the Jack Carew Scholarship Foundation to offer financial assistance to deserving student-athletes who need help to complete their degree."

Jack also has a special place in his heart for the University's Vincentian mission of service to others.

"St. John's did so much for me and so many like me," he says.

Your Support Makes a Difference
If you'd like to support St. John's and its students like Jack Carew has, contact Susan Damiani at 718-990-7562 or [email protected] to learn more about the opportunities available.