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Twitter Best Practices

Setting up – get your content ready! 


The big difference between Twitter and Facebook
Twitter is about constant and quick engagement - ultimately more time-consuming - monitoring trends and conversations, posting more tweets, and engaging with extended audiences. Your tweets lifespan is much shorter than your Facebook post so you have to post more frequently throughout the day to optimize your views.

Does my profile look right?

Use the most updated College and University logo. If you don’t have one on file, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications. Fill out all the information in the “about” section. For all image dimensions use this image guide.

How can I plan content?
Create a content calendar to strategically plan your messaging in advance (e.g. plan for events and holidays). You can schedule posts for future dates using the Tweetdeck

Where should I look for content?
The internet is filled with great content but we recommend monitoring the University website and social media channels for content that you can use (events, news, homepage stories, announcements etc.). Also, make sure to follow other Twitter pages within our University so that you can follow their updates and retweet content.

Content is King!

If you want to request a post placed on the main University Twitter channel, submit your request to the marketing liason in your school or department.

How often should I post within a day?
The average amount of tweets for many successful Twitter accounts is 5-10 a day - this includes retweets. 

What time of day is optimal for your post to be seen?
The best times during the week are 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. Monday to Friday.

How much and how should I write?
You have a 140 characters to write a clear and engaging post. Make sure to use hashtag and tag other Unversity pages.

Monitor Performance – Make data-informed decisions

How do I know which posts do better than others?
Use Twitter analytics at to review the effectiveness of all your content. It will provide you with everything you need to know about the performance and engagement of your posts and overall page.