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Dorothy E. Habben

Dorothy E. Habben, Ph.D. serves as Vice President and Secretary of the University. She earned her B.A. from Adelphi University, M.A. from St. John’s University, and Ph.D. from New York University. In her capacity, she is the administrative liaison to the University’s Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee and has responsibility for communications with trustees; orientation of new Board members; advising members of the University community, as appropriate, of Board actions; maintaining all official records of

the Board, including minutes, and retaining custody of the University charter and seal. She is also signatory for key institutional documents. In addition, she serves as Institutional Accreditation Officer and, as such, is the liaison between St. John’s and all of its various accrediting agencies, including the University’s regional accrediting agency, The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and discipline-specific agencies. She is also the University’s liaison with the New York State Education Department.

She began what was to be a lifelong career at St. John’s when she became a graduate assistant in the Department of English and began her graduate studies in what was at the time the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She subsequently joined the English faculty and taught full-time before joining the administration. Her initial appointment was as Dean of Academic Planning; she then founded the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research and served as its Director before moving to the President’s Office.

Dr. Habben served for almost 20 years as a trustee of another University in the New York metropolitan area and held posts as Vice Chair of the Board and Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. She has served as Chair or team member for numerous Middle States peer evaluation teams and has also been a consultant and evaluator for the New York State Department of Education.

Dr. Habben graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in English from Adelphi University and went on to earn graduate degrees in the same discipline, an M.A. from St. John’s University and a Ph.D. from New York University.