New Student Convocation Digital Swag

Share your school spirit

From profile pictures to cover photos checkout the latest downloads from St. John's.

St. John's University 150th Anniversary Logo.  Text: A Johnny Lives Here #SJU2024

New Student Convocation Print-at-Home Signs

These print-at-home signs are perfect for wall decorations when celebrating virtually, taping to windows to show your pride, or holding up during car parades.

JPG versions are available for posting on social media.

St. John's University 150th Anniversary Logo on blue background next to sun wearing sunglasses. Text: Class of 2024 #SJU2024

Giphy Stickers

Search St. John’s University in the GIF search on Snapchat or Instagram to add a special flair to your stories.

Top of D'Angelo Center featuring St. John's University 150th Anniversary Logo. Text: Class of 2024. #SJU20204

New Student Convocation Wallpaper Downloads

Download photo backgrounds to use as on social media, or as desktop or mobile background. Display images that show your St. John's University pride, or places that are special to you around the campus.