Digication, our e-Portfolio platform, is an up-to-date concept in educational software that is easy to master and simple to use. It has all the connectivity, file sharing and online publishing tools teachers and students want. Digication provides an exciting opportunity for social networking and collaboration through the use of communities and online groups. Overall, Digication opens the lines of communication by combining elements of e-Portfolios and learning networks in a Web 2.0 world, allowing users to grow both inside and outside the classroom. An e-Portfolio is a web-based collection of digital artifacts and reflections that can be used to demonstrate learning or showcase work. They are archives of learning, discovery, progress, achievement and reflection. A few uses of e-Portfolios include assessment, admissions, interactive resumes, student galleries, teacher resource sites, collaborative project portfolios, and research presentations.

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Where to Begin

Log in to Digication
Go to http://stjohns.digication.com, fill in the username and password, and click on ‘Sign In.’ (Same as your MySJU Login.)

Create Your e-Portfolio
Once logged in, you will come to your Dashboard, a page that lists everything you have on Digication – a Calendar, e-Portfolios, Courses, and Communities. To create a new e-Portfolio, under ‘My e-Portfolios’ click the ‘Create’ button. Choose an e-Portfolio Title and Web Address. Remember, that web address can only contain letters and numbers. The other options allow you to customize information about your e-Portfolio. Remember, you can always come back and edit these fields by clicking the ‘Portfolio Settings’ tab. When you’re ready, click the ‘Submit’ button.

Edit Your e-Portfolio
Let’s get familiar with the structure of the e-Portfolio editing page. When you are logged in and view your ePortfolio, you first see it in Edit Mode. The tabs along the top of the page let you switch viewing modes. The ‘Preview’ tab lets you preview your changes as you are editing. The ‘Published’ tab shows you the published version of your e-Portfolio – what your ePortfolio visitors see.

Organize Your e-Portfolio Using Sections and Pages
What sections would you like to add to best represent the topics of your e-Portfolio? Then within each section, what pages will be needed to best categorize your content? These sections and pages can be modified later if needed. You just need an initial structure to get you started. Also, keep in mind that you can create more than one e-Portfolio with your account so you do not need to fit all your projects or content into one e-Portfolio.

Add Sections & Pages
In the ‘View Sections’ area, click on the ‘Add/Edit’ tab. To add sections, click on the ‘Add Section’ button on the right side. Type in the section name and then hit the ‘Save’ button. To reorder sections, make sure you are in the ‘Add/Edit’ tab, simply drag and drop the sections. To add pages, click on ‘Add/Edit’ tab next to ‘View Pages’ area. The rest of the process is identical to adding sections.


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