Employee Resource Group - Proposal Form

This form is to be completed by the employee(s) who wish to apply for formal recognition of an Employee Resource Group at St. John’s University.  Once completed and submitted online, the proposal form will be reviewed by the ERG Committee. A Getting Started Guide and other resources to assist you through the proposal application process are located in the ERG portlet on MySJU/employee tab. If you have questions, you may send them to [email protected].

St. John’s employee organizer (leader or co-leaders)

#1 Leader contact information

#1 Leader contact information

#2 Leader contact information

#2 Leader contact information
Include the reasons for creating the group and its interests.  Describe how it relates to the University’s mission, values, priorities and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Clearly and succinctly define what is important to the group and what it seeks to achieve.
This should be an aspirational description of the long-term desired end state meant to inspire its members.
Goals are outcomes and objectives are the measurable targets that will help you achieve the goals.
Names of at least seven (7) employees who have indicated they will join the ERG.
List examples of the types of programming envisioned for this group. Include ideas for events and activities to be held in the first year and the target audiences.