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The Student Experience

A Holistic Approach from Enrollment to Graduation and Beyond

Page last updated 9/7/2022

The committee goals listed here, as well as action items for each goal, are considered to be in progress and may be updated, deleted, and/or revised.

Committee Goals

Goal 1: Create a high-quality and consistent educational experience from the student perspective.

  1. We will institute a set of standards and best practices to support student expectations, improve faculty-to-student communications practices, and simplify access to student accommodations. This will include a cohesive restructuring of Canvas, the University’s learning management system. Students will be able to easily and consistently access relevant course information, no matter their major or School/College.
  2. We will standardize academic support tools used in physical/virtual classrooms and ensure that they are accessible to all students in an effort to prepare them for graduate study and other post-graduation experiences.
  3. We will expand programs for proactively engaging students in career exploration and preparation to ensure their success in a dynamic, increasingly diverse, global job market.
  4. We will develop an integrated approach to education that considers the various needs of the St. John’s student, while elevating the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and our Catholic and Vincentian values.
  5. We will create and adequately resource areas for a student’s basic needs (e.g., mental health services and food insecurity).

Goal 2: Enhance the co-curricular and extracurricular student experience to ensure that students feel welcomed and connected from the moment they enroll.

  1. We will develop a continual, student-driven assessment process to identify areas for improvement and enhancement, using data from this assessment to allocate resources to high-performing and high-impact programs.
  2. We will strengthen the co-curricular and extracurricular experience by featuring high-quality, high-impact programs that embrace the diversity of the student body.
  3. We will make the campus environment more inclusive, engaging, and enjoyable to students from all backgrounds.
  4. We will establish research facilities and joint faculty/student research aims as part of the co-curricular educational experience to deepen student learning and scholarship.

Goal 3: Transform student-facing services to enhance the student experience of being a member of our diverse community.

  1. We will increase retention, persistence, and graduation rates by developing a comprehensive Student Relationship System. This system will be used to create customized and personalized interactions with students throughout the entirety of their St. John’s experience, from their initial introduction to St. John’s to graduation and beyond.
  2. We will improve access to critical student-facing services (such as advising, Bursar, Financial Aid, Inclusivity Resource Center, Registrar, Storm Card Office, and Student Health Services) by establishing a Student Concierge. Our community will be trained to guide students to appropriate resources.
  3. We will provide current and prospective students with an easily navigated platform that will allow them to discover and explore current and future curriculum and engagement opportunities.
  4. We will rebrand the undergraduate student experience as a shared, universal experience that focuses on a core curriculum, internships, and capstone projects—all of which will be adaptable to meet the needs of the future job market and vocations.
  5. We will enhance the student-athlete experience by providing improved facilities (beginning with those for women’s and men’s basketball), personalized mental health and nutrition services, and academic support services, so that they can balance team involvement with classwork, social engagement, and other opportunities.
  6. We will implement specific engagement strategies for transfer, post-traditional, international undergraduate, graduate, and study abroad students to enhance their student experience and deepen their connection to the University as enrolled students and as alumni.

Committee Members

Jacqueline Grogan, Ed.D., M.B.A., Chair; Associate Provost for Student Success, University Freshman Center and University Learning Commons 
Anne Rocco Pacione, Chair; Chief Information Officer, Department of Information Technology

Marvelous Abraham, Student
Eric Alvarado, Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, Department of Information Technology, and Adjunct Professor, Division of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Science, The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies
Ebony J. Calvin, Director, Campus Activities, Department of Student Life 
Max A. Hergenrother, Director of Technology Operations, The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies
Monique L. Jernigan, Executive Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Director, Inclusivity Resource Center
Scott Lemperle, Executive Director, Auxiliary and Conference Services 
Jackie Lochrie, Associate Dean for Student Services and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Division of Student Affairs 
Jason Luchs, Associate Director, Office of Disability Services 
Luis G. Manzo, Ph.D., Executive Director, Student Wellness and Assessment, Department of Student Life
Christina Quartararo, Executive Director, Inbound Programs, Office of International Education
William D. Reisel, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Management, The Peter J. Tobin College of Business 
Blayne E. Saunders, Associate Director, Public Safety Compliance, Department of Public Safety
Linda Shannon, J.D., Vice Provost and Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost
Lynn M. Stravino, Director, Academic Service-Learning 
Jacques Theus, Executive Director, Design and Construction, Department of Campus Facilities and Services 
Sharod L. Tomlinson, Director, Student Development and R.I.S.E. Mentoring
Scott VanDeusen, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations
Scott Wallick, Director, Student Communications and Web Content, Division of Student Affairs