St. John's Banners in the fall

Amplifying the St. John's Brand

Ensuring Recognition through Enhanced Marketing, Branding, and Communications 

Page last updated 9/7/2022

The committee goals listed here, as well as action items for each goal, are considered to be in progress and may be updated, deleted, and/or revised.

Committee Goals

Goal 1: Increase the visibility and awareness of the St. John’s brand by positioning the University as a leading academic institution and destination to local, national, and international audiences.

  1. We will develop and communicate a succinct story about the University that increases the value, awareness of academic excellence, and demand for a transformative St. John’s education.
  2. We will launch and sustain a compelling brand campaign that highlights the University’s academic vision, faith-based mission, Catholic identity, Vincentian values, New York City heritage, commitment to antiracism, social mobility of students, and athletic tradition as a founding member of the BIG EAST Conference.
  3. We will enhance, elevate, and reengage or reinvent the University’s traditions, creating a vibrant and better-connected University community.
  4. We will upgrade environmental branding and informational technologies to increase recognition of the University’s visual identity, communicate St. John’s history and bright future, and share news and information.
  5. We will promote St. John’s as a metropolitan New York institution of academic prestige that provides an education that elevates, as well as career opportunities and a substantial return on investment, while differentiating the University from its New York City-based competitors.
  6. We will increase cross-promotion of the University on and off campus by leveraging the regional and national profile of St. John’s Athletics, particularly Red Storm Basketball, through an advanced investment in media and marketing platforms.

Goal 2: Promote a transformative student experience and active alumni network that instills University pride, maintains campus engagement, increases philanthropic support, and helps share the St. John’s story.

  1. We will highlight St. John’s distinctive and metropolitan New York City experience by promoting our curriculum, internship and service opportunities, and access to leading companies and organizations, through student and alumni testimonials.
  2. We will develop an advertising campaign that highlights St. John’s signature student experience, particularly the core curriculum, research opportunities, concierge services, and modern facilities.
  3. We will expand communication strategies to increase alumni engagement with the University and across our growing alumni network.
  4. We will establish and promote a network of student and alumni influencers who will share their unique St. John’s stories of personal growth and leadership development via social media and other platforms.
  5. We will deepen our student-to-alumni contact and communications to strengthen student experiences and enhance alumni bonds to the University.
  6. We will identify and promote the opportunities available to students from engaged alumni who give their time, talent, mentorship, and support back to the University.
  7. We will implement and follow best practices when planning, communicating, and hosting University-sponsored functions.
  8. We will create communication protocols and best practices that provide students with specific, targeted, and meaningful information.
  9. We will leverage social media platforms and networking resources that help cultivate and sustain relationships within our community.

Goal 3: Showcase achievements of students, alumni, faculty, and other members of the St. John’s community to educate and inspire others.

  1. We will develop a sustainable, data-driven, University-wide strategy that maximizes the dissemination and consumption of St. John’s-related news and information.
  2. We will establish standards that focus on recognizing and promoting the achievements of the St. John’s community, while leveraging news media and advertising/marketing initiatives.
  3. We will facilitate speaking engagements for St. John’s experts in their respective fields with New York City-based companies, media outlets, and professional organizations, thereby increasing recognition for academic/research accomplishments, community achievements, and professional successes.
  4. We will raise the profile, engagement, and reach of St. John’s student media platforms, including The Torch, WSJU Radio, and SJU-TV, to better target the student population via ever-changing digital and media platforms with news and information.

Goal 4: Increase the University’s marketing presence and brand awareness in local communities through strategic partnerships.

  1. We will conduct an audit of the University’s strategic partnerships, community service activities, external academic opportunities, and internships throughout the New York metropolitan area to facilitate collaboration, consolidate efforts, and maximize potential.
  2. We will improve our strategies for engaging the local community, businesses, and organizations, and increase focus and resources to advertise programs and events toward these specific audiences.
  3. We will update and expand permanent signage on major roadways and public transportation in the area surrounding the Queens, NY, campus and explore other regions to target in our national recruitment efforts.
  4. We will increase cross-promotional opportunities with local businesses and organizations through trade advertising agreements to expand visibility.

Goal 5: Develop and increase awareness of St. John’s various strengths to assist in the recruitment of a talented and diverse student body on a local, national, and international level.

  1. We will launch a multifaceted marketing campaign that specifically targets the University’s primary (local) and secondary (national) undergraduate markets, graduate students, and international students at all campuses and global locations.
  2. We will develop an innovative virtual tour and immersive experience for prospective students, which will allow them to explore our campuses, visualize academic experiences, discover potential career paths, and engage with current students, faculty, and other representatives of the University community.
  3. We will enhance personalized marketing and recruitment efforts through meaningful outreach to all of St. John’s admitted students.
  4. We will deliver inviting and informative campus tours at all locations that showcase the complete St. John’s experience.
  5. We will raise awareness of the University’s brand message among our internal community to ensure consistent messaging for all engagements with prospective students and guests.
  6. We will acquire, curate, and share testimonials from various audiences that demonstrate the return on investment of a St. John’s education, as well as faculty scholarship and accomplishments, and highlight the University as a premier source of professionals to prospective employers.
  7. We will promote and publicize the University’s honors programs, academic service-learning opportunities, academically competitive programs, and our academic distinction to attract high-achieving and talented students from all regions of the country and beyond.

Committee Members

Brian BrowneChair; Executive Director for University Relations and Assistant Vice President for Government Relations
Stephen Dombroski, Chair; Senior Associate Athletics Director

Trent R. Anderson, J.D., Associate Dean, External Relations, School of Law
Caren Batzer, Associate Vice President, Department of Marketing and Communications
Alexis Casella, student and President’s Society member
Michael R. Chambers, Project Manager, Design and Construction
Sylvia D. Clark, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, Staten Island Campus
Elena M. Damiani, M.B.A., Director, Media Planning, Department of Marketing and Communications
Susan M. Damiani, Director of Planned Giving and The McCallen Society, Institutional Advancement
Kevin T. James, Assistant Dean and Director of Fiscal and Administrative Affairs, The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies
Carl Jijita, student and President’s Society member
John Kelly, alumnus
Joyce Lawlor, M.L.S., Associate Dean and Prelaw Advisor, St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Nunziatina A. Manuli, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President, Office of University Events
Andrew Miller, Senior Associate Editorial Director, Department of Marketing and Communications
Diana J. Patino, Assistant Director of Administration and Student Activities, Office of the Dean, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Lucy A. Pesce, Executive Director for Mission and the Vincentian Institute for Social Action
Joseph Sciame, Vice President, Community Relations
Sharon See, Pharm.D., BCPS, FCCP, Clinical Professor and Assistant Chair, Department of Clinical Health Professions, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Sydney J. Steinhardt, Director of Communications and Marketing, The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Edwin Tjoe, Ed.D., Assistant Dean of Fiscal Affairs and Planning, The School of Education
Lucy Traverso, Executive Assistant, Department of Marketing and Communications