Virtual Book of Prayer

The Vincentian priests and all who work in University Ministry and Mission pray for you daily. Below are specific prayer requests that have been sent to us. If there are any particular intentions you would like us to remember, please submit an intention in our virtual book of prayer.

Community Prayer in a Time of Pandemic

In thanksgiving for our many blessings we pray for all to respect the dignity of human life.  For all healthcare workers, that they will be given patience, courage, and will be protected from the illnesses they work to cure.  For the persecuted unborn children, that their lives will be protected and treated with dignity.  For those work in defense of the unborn children, that they will be given strength and consolation.  For those who are tempted to abort their child, that they will be enlightened and given courage.  For those who perform abortions or support the abortion industry, that their eyes and hearts will be opened to the reality and dignity of the life of the unborn.  For those who have had abortions, that they will be healed and consoled.  For the souls in purgatory, that their penance will be forgiven and they will soon rest in perfect peace with God.

We pray for our St. John’s community and their extended families especially those members of the essential work force and first responders and for the end of this pandemic in the very near future. 

We prayer that this medical challenge shall be met with courage and fortitude and shall come to a quick and merciful end. God's love will protect us.

We pray for all those who are sick with COVID 19, especially for Manny Mercado, who was diagnosed positive with COVID-19.  May the lord give him the strength to recover. 

I work in a school where many students lack enough food and essentials for the coming weeks. While we are doing our best to supply them with these items, I fear it isn't enough. Please pray for these sweet children as they face the coming weeks.

Lord, we pray for the needs of Isabel Robinson and Tina Mastorakis. 

Lord we pray for America to ultimately have a peaceful Presidential transition; and OUR government, regardless of Party affiliation, to work jointly to improve both global and U.S. specific needs for of all citizens, both at home and throughout the world. 

Lord, we pray for all who lost their lives due to COViD-19 and their Families and Friends mourning them.

Lord, we pray for Joe and Marie Breslin and families.

Lord I prayer for my childhood friend Carrie's dad Dave who is fighting in the last stages of cancer.  I ask and pray for supernatural healing to dry up each sick cell and for him to be engulfed in such huge Love and peace.  I Also ask for big love and peace for Carrie, Ben, their spouses and children. Thank you, Nikki King

Lord, I pray for my family and myself.  I have generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and scitzoaffective. Pray for my dad's health. For Mom and I to find a home together soon and not be homeless anymore.  Also pray for me to get along with family well and feel loved and connected.

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I really want to first of all appreciate all your prayers the good Lord has been using you all to pray for me and my family.  I want to say that God has been so faithful and may the good Lord reward you for all your care and prayers. I so much appreciate. Thanks.  Please brethren, I still want to plead for your prayers in these areas of need: 1. Gift of children from God as we have been married for almost three years now and still yet to have children. 2. God's divine favour and breakthrough in the electrical shop that have been opened for me to have a means of living. 3.   I have appointment  on the 1st of December 2020, that the Permanent Residence Permit Visa I applied for three years now in Germany be granted to me without any further delay. I sincerely trust God to hear your prayers for me and grant these my requests speedily. Thanks once again for your care.  Samson Sunday

For all our loved ones who have died, especially for the repose of the soul of Maureen E. Greaney.  Rest in peace!

Lord, our prayers for your healing presence for a successful operation for Mint. Amen. 

Lord we pray for all those who suffer from cancer, especially my grandma who was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. It has already spread into the bone marrow. She had to be taken off chemotherapy for the next two weeks because her white blood cell count was zero and her immune system is not functioning. Please pray that the cancer does not spread and that she responds well to chemotherapy in two weeks. In gratitude, Amen.

Lord, we pray for all those who are taking the LSAT examinations next week, for your guidance, inspiration, reassurance during the test and the law school process.  In gratitude,  Amen. 

Lord, we pray for Allie, for her safety and happiness in her new apartment and for Darren to finds a good apartment for his new home. 

Lord, we pray for my sister who is not feeling well and is awaiting Covid test results for her and her three children.  We pray for a full recovery and for good health for my family.  Amen. 

For the special intention of Coach Dan Brownbee

God our protector, please keep me calm and have peace in my life.  Thank you for your protection, guidance and direction for my family.

Gracious Lord, please protect my job and my position now. In gratitude, Amen.

Loving God, please help Allie in her work with many patients. Amen.

Lord God I hope that you keep my friends and family safe and I hope the new year will bring new beginning and an end to the pandemic. Amen.

For all those who are ill, that God's healing presence will be with them, especially Matthew J. Hayes, M.D., Ph.D. '57C, special intention. undergoing treatment for sickness.

Gracious Lord, please watch over all our families and keep them safe.

Pray for the happy repose of the soul of Joseph H. Arweiler, father of Prof. Emily Ambizas, College of Pharmacy and alum Joann Arweiler. May Joseph rest in peace.  Amen.

In thanksgiving for the healing of all those who are suffering, especially for Duncan James Stewart, that he lives protected in God's positive, healing light.

We pray for all those who are sick, that God's healing presence is known especially for Patrick B. as he has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, for his doctors so they are able to get it under control and Patrick can manage it.

God Bless Eric McDonald. May the light of Christ dawn in Eric's heart. May the love of God fill his soulMost Sacred Heart of Jesus, draw Eric to yourself. Immaculate Heart of Mary, protect your son Eric and guide him to Heaven to live with you.Carlo Acutis, please recomend Eric to all the Holy Angels and Saints. Please pray that Eric's name may be numbered among all the blessed. Amen.

May God grant me the grace to meet a good man for a future husband.

Please protect my nephew and sister during this difficult time. I hope that everything works out in the best interest of my nephew. And hope healing can begin soon. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

We prayer God for your guidance to help Allie and Bill.

Please remember Mr. Ralph Pugliese, Class of 1946, proud alumnus of the St. John's Lewis Avenue Brooklyn campus. Ralph passed away earlier this year.

Special Intention

Please protect Brian's business and help it to grow tremendously. Please guide Darren to the right place to live and the best work for him. Please guide Darren, Thomas, Allie, and Loretta to the right places to live. Please help Allie's practice to grow tremendously. Please get James back to work and protect Kendra's job. Amen.

Pray for the health of George Grefe as he fights cancer.

Please help that Allie’s practice grows and grows. Please help the Union and administration work in loving union with You. Please keep our family safe, healthy, and solvent.

Please help that none of us at SJU lose our jobs.

Week of August 24

We pray for Ellen McNamara and all her needs at this time.

We pray for all those who are unemployed, that they may find a new job that brings them health, happiness and support for their families.

Week of August 10

Lord we pray for Bob who is facing a very serious health issue. He and his family need as many prayers as possible.

Lord, we prayer for my brother, Steve, who will be undergoing his second open heart surgery this year on Monday, August 3. Thank you!

Lord will you pray me as I deal with tremendous anxiety regarding my mothers health problems, and will you please guide my mother that she accept my brothers offer to move with him.

I prayer for Wayne's father may he rest in peace and give Wayne and all concerned peace themselves. Thank you. Amen

We pray that Jason & his family trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  They don't believe God exists.  Pray that they see Jesus is trust-worthy and for me to have wisdom. 

Week of August 3

Lord, help me choose the right career and find someone to be there for me and to love me.

Lord, please protect Brian's business and help it grow very profitably. Amen.

Week of July 13

My prayer is for my son, who is a 2019 graduate from St John's University, that he will find a meaningful job in the near future.

Week of July 6

Prayers requested for the passing of Henry Ozzard Bovell. May God grant him eternal rest.

Please get my boys successfully back to work and please help Darren, Thomas, Loretta, and Allie find the best places for them to live. Amen.

Please continue to pray for two members of the Liloia family who are going through health crises. Your prayers have greatly helped, but they have a long road ahead.

Week of June 29

Please heal Adrienne Marie and all of Jules's family and keep them all in your loving embrace.  Amen.

Please guide Darren, Thomas, Allie, and Loretta to the best places for them to live. Amen.

Week of June 15

Peace in the world, end to Coronavirus, healing of all who are sick, protect all in the front lines risking their lives helping others, the poor, the homeless, all those suffering from mental illness and for my family, friends and myself. 

A young boy named Maseo, who lives in Hunterdon County NJ had a heavy tree branch fall on his head earlier this week. He has been unconscious and hospitalized ever since. Please pray for a miracle and full recovery. Also please pray for his parents and siblings. 

For my mother Vita Ciulla whose one year anniversary of her passing (June 12th).  May she rest with God and in peace

For the persecuted unborn children whose lives are in danger, that their lives will be spared and for courage for those who work to defend these vulnerable children's right to live.    

For my son, Tyler, to continue to grow in his faith.    

Please guide Darren, Thomas, Allie, and Loretta to the best places for them to live. Amen.    

Week of June 1

I am grateful to God for life, health, and strength. I am grateful to God for loving us and healing us from our distress. I thank you Lord for loving us  and comforting us in the midst of loss and heart break. I pray for renewal of our faith. Help us to be steadfast in our faith.  Thank you Lord.

Please help us all to keep our jobs and please do get my boys and Loretta back to work. 

Peace in the world, end to Coronavirus, healing of all who are sick, protect all in the front lines risking their lives helping others, the poor, the homeless, all those suffering from mental illness and for my family, friends and myself. 

Week of May 18

Help James get a great job and please help all of my boys get back to work. Thank you. Amen

Please guide Allie, Thomas, and Darren to the best places to live. And please help all the boys get employed again and that Brian's business really takes off soon! Thank you. Amen.

Thank you Lord for the gift of life and the will to pray for your people. I pray for your people who are suffering from illness, grief, anger, depression. I pray Lord that you heal them from their afflictions. Bring comfort to your people Lord. I am convinced that you Lord can heal and deliver your people from suffering. For this I pray. Amen.

Please pray for Christine Halstead who is battling brain cancer.  Also pray for her family who is devastated by this.  

For Jimmy Walters and his family

For David

Not an SJU student. Facing lots of trouble from my family and community for becoming Catholic. Please pray for me, that I might endure this cross.

Week of May 11

Special Intention. (Elisia)

Special Intention.

I am kindly asking for deep prayers to save my marriage from divorce, and my home from foreclosure or sale. Thank you. 

Please help and heal Nereida and bless Patsy, wife, and kids.

For Henry Caulfield, Helen Moskal, and special intentions.

Please pray for my younger brother Bob who passed away in his sleep at home on February 29. May he Rest In Peace. 

Roger M De Trano, Dolores Jacobs

For my son George that he does not give up on his dream and perseveres through this uncertain time in the world. Give him strength to keep his dream alive. 

Prayer of Petition and Gratitude:

Thank you for life.
Thank you for the lives of loved ones
who have passed 
I pray for the family
and friends of 
loved ones who are
struggling with 
I pray that you 
comfort them with
your love,
your mercy,
your grace.

I sincerely ask to please pray for my daughter Adriana Largotta in her delivery of my granddaughter this week. 

My prayers and condolences to the family of Esteban Zapata who passed away on Sunday, May 3, 2020. He fought long battle for 23 days till he succumbed to complications due to COVID-19 virus.
Prayer request by his son Juan Soriano. 

Please pray for my nephew Mark Carles who has Stage 4  Fibrolameller Carcinoma  - 26 years old.  He will be starting new treatment at The John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore May 12.  We pray this works.  We live in New York City. - Thank you Josephine Carles 1984 and 1994 CBA

Week of May 4

I am desperately requesting prayers to save my marriage from a pending divorce (court hearing next week in Court), stop the foreclosure of my home, and stop the sale of my home. Thank you. 

My Lord and Savior, I thank you for your grace and mercy that you extend to the world, to your people. I want to offer a prayer of petition for those who are suffering with anxiety: I speak healing to those thoughts and feelings that disrupt your spirit, your countenance. I speak restoration to those areas in your life, riddled by fear, anger, and despair. I pray against anxiety that has a strong hold over your people. When those anxious thoughts and feelings rise to the surface, combat them with God's promises of healing and restoration. You are loved  by God. You are God's handiwork. You are healed. Your life is restored. You are made anew. 

Thank you God for a new day to reflect on your goodness and love. I pray for your people who are struggling with depression. I pray that you embrace them with your love, your grace, and your mercy, shed abroad over their lives. I pray for healing in their lives. We claim healing from depression. Thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord  for blessing us with the gift of life. We pray for those afflicted by illness, that you would restore their health. We pray for those suffering with grief, that you may bring peace to their minds and spirits. We thank you Lord for loving us, for keeping us, for protecting us, for extending mercy to us. Thank you Lord.

Wuick recovery of Catherine V. Maher

Prayers for the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and overall health of personal family, friends and community members who are suffering at this time. Please guide Darren, Thomas, and Allie in their choices of where they want to live and move to. Also, please keep healing Loretta and Allie. And also, please give our world, especially our country COURAGE. We need it! As always, bless our family and help that Leo will always be strong, brave, and wise. Amen.

Please help that Leo will always be strong, brave, and wise. Amen.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of my father, Danilo Mendoza, who passed away due to pneumonia. Also, prayers of good health for Esther Mendoza, Guillermo Villamor, Manny Esposo and Karen Victa who are all particularly vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 due to their age and/ or underlying conditions.

Please prayer for the family of Dr. Kathleen Marks, CCPS for the healing of her mother who is hospitalized with COVID-19.

Please pray for good health for my family, friends, essential workers, and myself. Please pray for the homeless and the incarcerated. Please pray that this experience strengthens my relationship with God.

Mr.Julio -Special Intention.

A prayer of peace for those who have a mental illness. May the Angels of Comfort bring their hearts the tranquility they seek.

For Patricia L. Van Houten, who received her PhD in Psychology from St. John's University in 1966. She passed away on April 17, 2020 from complications of COVID-19. God rest her soul!

Special intention.

For Matthew Kane, one of my dearest students, that he and his family find peace and renewed faith in the midst of their loss and tragedy.

Dear Lord, Please keep my parents safe in AZ and allow my sister and her husband to better adjust their living arrangement to accommodate them with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Please grant my sister patience to help them feel welcome. For my parents, staying in Elmhurst, NY was too dangerous for them with the dense population that they lived in. Please help them all to 'temper themselves' and get along until it is safer for my parents to return home. If they become ill with the virus in AZ and do not get a chance to return to NY, please help them to enjoy whatever golden years/times are left in peace with my sister. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. You loving daughter, Laura

For eternal life of Alice C. Burke '75C, '77G

For healthy and safe Burke Family.

Please pray for my longtime friend, Maria Mercader. She passed away on March 29th from the COVID virus.

Please pray for my friend’s son Joseph who is battling cancer. He is undergoing special treatments. May God give him the strength to get through it.

A prayer for Joelle as she faces her challenges in life.

Through the intercession of St. Joseph, the Patron saint of laborers, for those who are experiencing economic difficulties and unemployment, for those leaders, to assist them to make decisions without neglecting dignity of the people whom they are responsible for.

special intention

For my grandfather Luis and all the souls who have passed due to COVID-19, may they rest in peace.

Family and Friends health. Also cute and end of the corona virus.

Please pray for the Davis family and Lottie Davis as she is in the critical stages of life.

Special intention

Prayer for my family, friends and colleagues especially for The Perchiacca family who have been blessed with two new grandchildren but whose family is dealing with covid and other complications. Thank you.

Isabel and Vincent Frisari who are thankfully recovering from virus. Thank you.

For the dear and selfless soul of Emma Louise Brown

Week of April 27

Healing and Light for Natasha, her in peace...and all concerned. Amen.

For Carmela Maroney that her family find peace in knowing that she now is at peace. Even though she died in isolation may they know that she felt their prayers and love.

Please prayer for the health needs of one of our alumni, Jem Mitrano.

Week of April 20

For Linda and Morris Molatto fighting COVID-19.

Jesus, you know what we need more than we do.  Please heal all broken hearts. Bless the Passover, Triduum & Easter Seasons.  Give strength to the medical personnel and to all front line employees in every profession; keep them safe I pray.  Thank you for all our blessings and give scientists wisdom. In all that we need dear Lord be with everyone so we may grow closer to you.  Protect all babies born during this pandemic ...(my Grand, Laura, Tina, Magnolia etc)... AMEN.

I'm a student of St. John's University. My father has coronavirus and is sick. He's on a ventilator at the hospital. Please if you can pray for my father and his speedy recovery. Thank you. 

Please get my boys back to work and heal and guide Allie.

Please keep pouring your healing blessing into Adrienne.

Arlene, Kevin, emily Jim . McGurks , sullivans. Kiennans & Fannings, Celeste Moran & clan  Michael, Help cm bz & Marie & intentions.....Reconciliation.... help....All........

Please pray for Allene Gavin, an elderly patient at a nursing home in NJ hospitalized after having been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Joseph Sena, Westchester County resident who died of Covid-19 related illnesses.

For my mom, who has cancer, and for my dad who has fallen away from his faith. Let them draw closer to Jesus during this time.

Please pray for my new born granddaughter Sophia Maria that she born healthy on Holy Thursday and that she remains healthy.  Thank you! 

Please be with Jimmy and family and comfort Ann.
Please make us all brave instead of being afraid.
Watch over our family with Light.

Please keep healing Adrienne.

Week of April 13

Please pray for the soul of Sister Winifred McKevitt, CSJ who passed away on Palm Sunday.  A dear friend who will be missed beyond words.

In these times of trouble and uncertainty, I ask that you pray for my wife and me, who haven't been feeling too well lately. As we are unsure if we have COVID-19, we pray that God will watch over us and heal us so we can take care of our two young daughters. I ask this of you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. -- RP '89

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Tom Vullo a young man from Brooklyn who died recently from the effects of Covid-19.

Lord, help us manage anxiety and fear and depression.

For my grandmothers, who are both suffering from the Coronavirus and for my parents who are suffering as they watch their mothers sick and alone unable to be there for them. 

Good health returned to a friend caused by self neglect.

Please heal me and my keep my daughters healthy. Please Keep my elderly parents safe and please help the family cope with caring for them since we removed them from assisted living. Please heal my sister and sister in-law from cancer.  Please keep all family and friends safe at this time. Thank you.

I pray for healing for all who are experiencing symptoms and loss related to COVID-19. I pray that we have the courage to replace the fear we are feeling with faith that God will work it all out for our good.

Lord show my son the way in his life to the job and life partner he is meant to have.

Please put all of your Healing Grace into Adrienne. Amen.

May Johnny's soul rest in peace, Amen.

Peace and comfort for Tom's soul and family. Amen.

For my vocation, that I may be open to God's will for my life. If my vocation is marriage, I pray that my future husband is growing closer to Jesus day by day. If my vocation is religious life, I pray that I learn to surrender everything to Jesus and to love Him with my whole being. 

For all the St. John's University family especially those who are experiencing special coping difficulties.

Please for my niece and the staff at Regal Heights Rehab. for their well being.

Special intentions

Please, Lord, watch over my sister Pat who lost her husband of 60 years to this virus. He died on her 80 birthday.

Week of April 6

Please heal our planet. Amen.

Please pray for my cousin David that god give him the healing of this virus and family and friends to  save us from this virus and to keep us safe.

Please bless all hospital employees and first responders with health and safety. 

Special intention

Lord, please help Jessica to fully recover from her cancer surgery.

Please stand with Thomas and John each day and provide full health of body, mind and soul.

Special intention

For my cousin Joe who is currently on a ventilator with covid 19. 

For Mildred, Harold and Patricia.  May they rest in peace.

Please help that all of us on this planet will be in Loving Union with God. Amen.

Please pray for our emotional and physical well being.

Hoping that my family, friends, and co-workers to stay safe and healthy.

Michael & Aly and their baby to be.

Please pray for my dear friend Maria Mercader who passed away from the COVID-19

Please pray for our family physician Dr Weg who is in the hospital with the virus. May he continue to get better. 

My dear Laura Santella sick with pneumonia.

My dear friend’s son Joseph who is battling cancer. May he be safe from contracting the virus. 

Pray for the repose of the souls who died due to the Corona Virus, console their family members, and heal the ones who are sick with the virus.

Pray for Louise D for a speedy recovery from COVID-19.

Please pray for Grammy - may she be granted strength and healing.  

Prayers for the repose of the following souls:

Thomas P. and Ruth I. Lawlor
Anthony and Anna Massie
Frank P. & Ruth Morris
Thomas P. and Jeannette Lawlor
Edward Kern
Kathleen Kern
Daniel Quinlan

 I would appreciate it if you could please pray for my mother Josephine Esch who passed away on April 1, 2020.

Bless and protect everyone in my prayers. Please heal Adrienne and comfort her family, Please heal the world. Amen.

For the entire St. John's Community and their families that we may stay safe during this difficult time period especially the G and W families and thank the Lord for our blessings.

Please pray for my father, John Smiddy, who passed away on April 3rd from COVID 19. We are not able to have a regular funeral service in a church because of the CDC regulations and I would really appreciate it if he was remembered in your prayers.

For an end to the virus for everyone.

My sister, Adrienne Fernan, who is gravely ill in ICU.  We are in need of a miracle and praying to Fr. Solanus Casey.

Her daughter, Adrienne Marie Mahoney, also have Corona virus but a much more mild case.  She is handling everything for her mother, though, while being sick and needs prayers for health in mind and body.

Please pray for my husband Tony that god give him the healing of this virus and also for me that I am taking care of him.

Steven Skalicky '70CBA, '75MBA passed away recently from complications from the Covid-19 virus.

Please pray for those parents who have children with severe ADHD, now literally locked in their homes with them.  Please pray that God grants them serenity, clam, patience and love in this trying time. 

Please pray for me and my family to protect us from the covid 19.

I am a healthcare worker in NYC as a pharmacist and put patients first.

Please have Christ Our Lord protect me and my family while I am working to better the health of others.

Please include in your prayers Freddy Fuentes, Laurence Knipel and Louise Dankberg, all who are hospitalized. Thank you and may the Lord keep you safe.

Please pray for my husband Mariano Hernandez, my father Kurt, mother-law Fresa, and our five children who live apart from us and we cannot protect.

Please pray for Charles Rawlins who passed away on March 23, 2020.  He graduated from St. John's in 1957.

Prayers for Troy Chiles' speedy recovery and his return home to family & friends!

Please help everyone in the world who needs help.

Protect my immuno-deficient daughter from the covid-19, and please heal her of her affliction so she may resume studies.

Please heal my family.

Please pray for my brother, who is an FDNY EMS and has been working 14-16 hours a day without a break. Pray that he is safe to go home and be with his family, without fear of getting sick. And pray for all essential workers risking their lives to save ours. Thank you.

Please pray for my mother, who is very ill.

Please pray for the health and recovery of Kevin Connell, a former member of the 11am Sunday community, who is experiencing complications after a medical procedure.

Pray for the healing of my sister Diane Outeiral, who is in recovery.

Prayer for my brother Anthony Outeiral, that he may be returned to worship of God.

General prayer for my fathers soul.  (A. Outeiral)

Prayers for myself. I did plenary indulgence as the Pope suggested. I believe I have much yet to forgive with regards to my family.

Theresa Reimer and Carolyn Pannhorst

Isabel Robinson and Tina Mastorakis 

I work in a school where many students lack enough food and essentials for the coming weeks. While we are doing our best to supply them with these items, I fear it isn't enough. Please pray for these sweet children as they face the coming weeks.

I request a prayer for my father, Manny Mercado, who was diagnosed positive with COVID-19. May the Lord give him the strength to recover. 

That this medical challenge shall be met with courage and fortitude and shall come to a quick and merciful end. God's love will protect us.

For our St. John's community and their extended families especially those members of the essential workforce and first responders and for the end of this pandemic in the very near future. 

In thanksgiving for my blessings.

For all healthcare workers - That they will be given patience, courage, and will be protected from the illnesses they work to cure.

For the persecuted unborn children, that their lives will be protected and treated with dignity.  

For those work in defense of the unborn children, that they will be given strength and consolation.

For those who are tempted to abort their child, that they will be enlightened and given courage.

For those who perform abortions or support the abortion industry, that their eyes and hearts will be opened to the reality and dignity of the life of the unborn.

For those who have had abortions, that they will be healed and consoled.

For the souls in purgatory, that their penance will be forgiven and they will soon rest in perfect peace with God.

Special intention. 

Please heal and guide L & A and get our family businesses back to running. Thank you. Amen.

Pass or fail options for all classes for all students

For the health and well-being of the Rada and Abreu families. 

Elizabeth Carozza and her son Gabriel - pls pray for Elizabeth's health so she may be reunited with her young son, Thank you and God Bless A

The Law School, and our many students who are struggling during this difficult time.

For all of our family members who are working on the front lines as health care providers during this pandemic.

Please pray for the healing of my 14-year old daughter, Sophia, who suffers from Crohn's Colitis disease. Keep her in good health and for the remission of symptoms that would cause further hospitalizations.

Please keep my close friend Daniel O'Shea in our thoughts and prayers and heal him and keep him safe from this virus that is ravaging his body. Thank you, God Bless

For all those who are sick from the Coronavirus and those who have lost their lives.  God's peace be them all.

Dear God help us to get through this coronavirus keep us safe family and friends hear my prayers

Please pray for Sharon C. to keep her healthy and safe as well as my boys and family.  

Let us please pray for humankind, that we all work together and remember that we are interdependent and need to work in unity. In this time especially, when we think of others we are also helping ourselves by preventing the spread of this disease. Continue to bless us all, guide us and protect us. Amen

Please pray for my soon to be 89-year mother to stay well.  Thank you

For everyone who has lost their jobs at this time, including my daughter-in-law.

For two boys born prematurely, Caelan and Ace, and their parents.

Mental Health and Financial Stability for Donna Coleman and her family. 

For Hector, Fr. Fullum, Jennifer and all the countless others currently battling the virus.

Pray for Joe B. Who is critically ill with COVID-19.

Sean and Alon 

Owen Molloy

Prayer for nephew, John Connor, who has contracted COVID-19

For Sister Eileen Corcoran that she may be restored to good health swiftly and that God grant her strength, courage, and hope in this journey.

Prayers that David get home safely 

Nancee Yonally - upcoming open heart surgery scheduled to be done in the next two weeks. 

Joseph Brostek

Dorothy Ryan

Christine Lazlo

Healthy baby boy

Special intention (jrw)

Pregnant daughter with asthma and family

I volunteer weekly at father Joe's villages in San Diego California, I pray for those less fortunate get the treatment they need to beat the virus. SJU alum 2016

For the end of the pandemic and God's mercy on all who are ill and have died. For leadership throughout our government to assure a path forward that makes all of us stronger, not just some

For the faith of all my family to grow stronger during this time of trial.

During this difficult time, I ask for your prayers for the health and well-being of Jane Kelly Angeletti, mother of Robert T. Angeletti '75.

Joseph Breslin, my husband( Marie L. {nee Hickey}Breslin 1969 Alumni).

Upcoming shoulder replacement in late June. This combined with a number of his other medical issues is extremely frightening. 

For ALL the SJU students, especially those who will graduate in May 2020, I pray you will strive to do your coursework, complete all your requirements and graduate - even though graduation may not be on campus this year.  Please be safe, healthy, and wise to pursue your next venture.   And may you  and your families  be blessed for your lifetime. 

From an Alum - Pharmacy 1970

Virginia Galizia, Ph.D., R.Ph.

Prayer for my family. Friends and around the world. Especially in this time that we are going through this pandemic. My two sons are attending classes in St John university. One is a senior, another is a freshman bless my kids.

Please protect Leo. Amen. 

Patricia Johnson Auchenbaugh.

May you be safe in Gods arms.

The Scarantino family

I pray for me and my families health

Special intention

Special Intention

Please pray for Marie Gredel, that she may receive comfort and hope.

The quick recovery of Alice Gormley

Please protect a very new nurse Ally SM

Please pray for Joseph Lewinger and family 

This is a prayer for my brother who has been suffering complications from cancer. This is also a prayer for all of the world who may be suffering; particularly ones faced with the COVID-19 virus at this time. Thank you for your strength and mercy. Amen.

Please pray for my grandfather Carlos Ferrer Sr. who passed on Wed March 18th in the hospital. Please let his soul find peace and our family heal 

Please protect Leo and the rest of us. Amen.

Please pray for my upcoming bladder cancer operation. 

Please pray for my wife Helen Tulaba who is in an assisted living facility for dementia. 

Pray for protection for my mother and all essential employees, pray for their health and safety. 

My Dear JESUS CHRIST, my LORD, and SAVIOR, please protect my family and ALL families! Michael

For my cousin Jacob who is currently struggling with COVID-19 and viral pneumonia. 

Pray to protect my son who has an autoimmune disease and other sons, who flies in and out of hot zones and my 94 yr old Mother.

Please St. Vincent and our Lord Jesus Christ, please end the destruction of this Coronavirus and save us Amen

Please heal Adrienne and comfort Jules and family.

Please protect Leo and our family and please help that Leo grows up strong, brave, and wise.

Pray that God will spare my family from the Corona Virius.