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Respond and Partner to Engage our Community Team

RESPECT is the University’s bias response team.  It comprises students, faculty, staff, and administrators who voluntarily serve to provide direct support to any individual impacted by prejudice-based aggression.  This may include providing assistance with reporting bias, guidance through the investigative process, and access to safety and support resources.  When appropriate, it may also include facilitating restorative conversations between affected parties to promote healing and learning outcomes.

RESPECT also monitors the campus climate and tracks data on bias reports.  By identifying patterns in the data, RESPECT is equipped to proactively decrease the prevalence of future occurrences.  This may be achieved through trainings, workshops, speakers, community forums, and other educational programming to openly engage students, faculty, staff, and administrators in conversations about social justice, equity, and inclusion.

Please direct any questions about RESPECT to Keaton Wong, Director of Equal Opportunity, Compliance, and Title IX at (718) 990-2660 or [email protected].