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Community Outreach

Hyde Charter School in The Bronx
The SJU Writing Center hosted a group of 80 students and administrators from Hyde in order to provide and model mentoring to help current students with their writing and lay groundwork for Hyde’s own future mentoring program. The event also served to give Hyde students their first glimpse of a college campus; SJU Writing Consultants led tours of campus, answered questions about applying to college and college life in general, and served as mentors/points-of-contact to foster the relationship between SJU and Hyde.

St. John's Preparatory High School in Queens
Our Writing Center consultants have been working for several years with teachers and students at St. John's Prep on developing their own writing center. We’re proud to report that the SJP writing center is thriving and their staff has presented its work at national conferences alongside the SJU Writing Center. Each year, we continue to host their prospective staff to lead them in training and modeling our methods of peer consultation.

The High School for Community Leadership
For several years First-Year Writing faculty have been meeting with high school faculty at the nearby High School for Community Leadership, visiting students from the high school on a semi-weekly basis, as well as holding sessions with those students on our campus. The goal is to introduce students to a college-level writing environment, introducing them to the variety of writing projects and they might encounter in college.
The SJU Writing Center has also begun working with HSCL administrators and students in order to mentor and lead HSCL in development of their own self-sustained peer-mentoring/writing program.

Christo Rey High School in Brooklyn
UWC Associate Director served as a writing coach for seniors working on their personal statements for college applications.

Student Veterans Association
The SJU Writing Center directors have met with administrators and student veterans in order to develop and maintain a writing-support group for the SVA. We plan to provide academic mentoring along with a creative/emotional/personal writing outlet for SVA members.

Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology
The SJU Writing center hosted a group of teachers, students, and administrators to offer peer mentoring for Brooklyn HS students in their college applications. We hope to continue this work and to help Brooklyn HS develop their own mentoring program and to further help their college applicants.