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April 4, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to welcome you, on behalf of the Institute for Writing Studies, the University Libraries, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Faculty Writing Initiative, and the Office of the Provost, to the annual St. John’s University Faculty Book Reception.  We congratulate our faculty authors, editors, and coeditors who have published within the past year.  Their work gives clear evidence of noteworthy scholarly achievements.

We are proud that our faculty continues to support the University’s commitments to academic excellence through their research and writing and are pleased to gather together to celebrate the publication of their scholarly work.  These publications demonstrate that they aim not only to be “excellent professionals with an ability to analyze and articulate clearly what is, but also to develop the ethics and aesthetic values to imagine what might be, “ as noted in the University’s mission statement.  The work of our faculty authors helps our University to fulfill this objective.

Teaching and academic excellence work together to contribute to a teaching and learning environment that challenges our students to “excel in the competencies and values required for leadership and service in a rapidly evolving global community,” as expressed in our vision statement.  The scholarly publications of our faculty help students to achieve this goal.

The St. John’s University faculty community has among its members a growing number of writers, researchers, and dedicated scholars whose work enhances our culture of academic excellence and has brought honor to themselves as well as the University.  Today, we congratulate our faculty authors for their accomplishments.


Robert A. Mangione, Ed.D., R.Ph.

Lee Ann Brown
Other Archer (Autre Archère)

Barbara Cozza
University Partnerships for Community and School System Development

Christophe Denny
A Realist’s Church: Essays in Honor of Joseph A. Komonchak

Lucy Heckman
The ALS Guide to Information Sources in Insurance, Risk Management, and Actuarial Science

Suzanne M. Henderson
The Torch: Motherwit, Guideposts and Stories of Purposeful Womanhood

Dijana Jelaca
Dislocated Screen Memory: Narrating Trauma in Post-Yugoslav Cinema

Thomas M. Kitts
John Fogerty: An American Son

Brian C. Lockey
Early Modern Catholics, Royalists, and Cosmopolitans: English Transnationalism and the Christian Commonwealth

Steve Mentz
Oceanic New York
Shipwreck Modernity: Ecologies of Globalization 1550-1719

Regina M. Mistretta
Using Teacher Inquiry for Knowing and Supporting Parents with Mathematics

Barbara Ruth Peltzman
Reading Instruction in America

Tara Roeder and Roseanne Gatto
Critical Expressivism: Theory and Practice in the Composition Classroom

Annalisa Saccà
Poesie di Edoardo Mitre

Michael Sampson
Listen to Our World

Mary Beth Schaefer
Research on Teaching and Learning with the Literacies of Young Adolescents

Aaris Sherin
Design Elements: Color Fundamentals (Chinese Language Edition)

Kristin M. Szylvian
The Mutual Housing Experiment: New Communities for the Urban Middle Class

Charles Wankel
Emerging Web 3.0/Semantic Web Applications in Higher Education: Growing Personalization and Wider Interconnections in Learning