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April 13, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to welcome you, on behalf of the Institute for Writing Studies, the University Libraries, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Faculty Writing Initiative, and the Office of the Provost, to the annual St. John’s University Faculty Book Reception.  We congratulate our faculty authors, editors, and coeditors who have published within the past year.  Their work gives clear evidence of noteworthy scholarly achievements.

We are proud that our faculty continues to support the University’s commitments to academic excellence through their research and writing and are pleased to gather together to celebrate the publication of their scholarly work.  These publications demonstrate that they aim not only to be “excellent professionals with an ability to analyze and articulate clearly what is, but also to develop the ethics and aesthetic values to imagine what might be, “ as noted in the University’s mission statement.  The work of our faculty authors helps our University to fulfill this objective.

Teaching and academic excellence work together to contribute to a teaching and learning environment that challenges our students to “excel in the competencies and values required for leadership and service in a rapidly evolving global community,” as expressed in our vision statement.  The scholarly publications of our faculty help students to achieve this goal.

The St. John’s University faculty community has among its members a growing number of writers, researchers, and dedicated scholars whose work enhances our culture of academic excellence and has brought honor to themselves as well as the University.  Today, we congratulate our faculty authors for their accomplishments.


Robert A. Mangione, Ed.D., R.Ph.

Howard Abadinsky
Law, Courts, and Justice in America

Sandra Schamroth Abrams
Bridging Literacies with Videogames
Integrating Virtual and Traditional Learning in 6-12 Classrooms, A Layered Literacies Approach to Multimodal Meaning Making

Dohra Ahmad
Vernaculars in the Classroom: Paradoxes, Pedagogy, Possibilities

Elaine Carey
Women Drug Traffickers: Mules, Bosses, and Organized Crime

Meghan J. Clark
The Vision of Catholic Social Thought: The Virtue of Solidarity and the Praxis of Human Rights

Dawn Flanagan
Essentials of Planning, Selecting, and Tailoring Interventions for Unique Learners

Ken Foldes
The Jedi Handbook of Global Education

Jonathan Fowler
Practical Botany

Mary Ellen Freeley
Become a Leader of Leaders: Raise Student Achievement

Anne M. Galvin
Sounds of the Citizens: Dancehall and Community in Jamaica

Louis Gesualdi
A Source Book of Karl Marx’s Letters about Abraham Lincoln and His Strategic Goal in the Civil War: The Destratification of American Society

Genady Ya. Grabarnik
Sparse Modeling: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

Mary Ann Howland
Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies

Chaman L. Jain
Fundamentals of Demand Planning and Forecasting

Rafael Art. Javier
Specialty Competencies in Psychoanalysis in Psychology

Michele Jones
The Beginning Translator’s Workbook or the ABCs of French to English Translation
French Grammar by Charts: A Comprehensive Review

Jeffrey C. Kinkley
Visions of Dystopia in China’s New Historical Novels

Rev. Robert E. Lauder
Pope Francis’ Spirituality and Our Story

John C. Long
A Journey Through Governance: A Public Servant’s Experience Under Six Presidents

Mary Ann Maslak
Vocational Education of Female Entrepreneurs in China: A Multitheoretical and Multidimensional Analysis of Successful Businesswomen’s Everyday Lives

Paul D. Molnar
Faith, Freedom, and the Spirit: The Economic Trinity in Barth, Torrance and Contemporary Theology

William R. Nester
The French and Indian War and the Conquest of New France
DeGaulle’s Legacy: The Art of Power in France’s Fifth Republic

Tuija Parikka
Globalization, Gender, and Media Formations of the Sexual and Violence in Understanding Globalization

David Rosenthal
A Readable Introduction to Real Mathematics

Leon Schiffman
Consumer Behavior

Aaris Sherin
Elaine Lustig Cohen: Modernism Reimagined

Laura J. Snyder
Eye of the Beholder: Johannes Vermeer, Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek, and the Reinvention of Seeing

Matthew Sutton
Handing on the Faith
Heaven Opens: The Trinitarian Mysticism of Adrienne Von Speyr

William Torgerson
The Coach’s Wife

Ellen Tufano
Electronic Portfolios for Course Assessment

Ivana Vancurova
Cytokine Bioassays

Lara Vapnek
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Modern American Revolutionary

May A. Webber
From Communication Landscapes to Bullying Battlegrounds