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April 13, 2011

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Institute for Writing Studies, and the University Libraries, in conjunction with the Office of the Provost and the Center for Teaching and Learning, we welcome you to the annual St. John’s University Faculty Book Reception. These books, published since March 2010 (with a few published in 2009), are a testament to our University faculty and their dedication to scholarly and creative inquiry.

Faculty scholarship is the intellectual core of our institution.  The St. John’s University mission statement opens by emphasizing a commitment to scholarly research, imaginative methodology, global awareness, rigorous standards, and the innovative application of knowledge.  By our mission, we strive “to analyze and articulate clearly what is, but also to develop the ethical and aesthetic values to imagine and help realize what might be.”  All of this is evident in the books published by our exceptional faculty.

The work of teaching is directly connected to scholarship; innovative and creative research spills back into the classroom and our students further inspire us to pursue the challenging work of scholarly engagement.  Such a commitment is evident throughout the University as this year's authors range from faculty teaching in the core to those working with graduate students.

Ours is a thriving community of active researchers, writers, and scholars who work throughout the year to bring their ideas to students, colleagues, and the wider public.  \Today we honor the accomplishments of these dedicated faculty members.

Anne Ellen Geller
Director, Writing Across the Curriculum


Joan Ball
Flirting with Faith: My Spiritual Journey from Athesim to a Faith-Filled Life

Edward Beckenstein
Topological Vector Spaces
Proceedings Second Dr. George Bachman Memorial Conference

Frank Brady

Roderick D. Bush
The End of White World Supremacy: Black Internationalism and the Problem of the Color Line

Linda S. Carozza
Science of Successful Supervision and Mentorship

Nyo Chung
Easy Korean
Poems Wishing To Be Songs
What Is the Animal of My Birth?

John DiMarco
Digital Design for Print and Web: An Introduction to Theory, Principles, and Techniques

Glayol Ekbatani
Measurement and Evaluation in Post-Secondary ESL

David G. Farley
Modernist Travel Writing: Intellectuals Abroad

Marie-Lise Gazarian
Entre Rascacielos,Volume 18, April 2010 and Volume 19, November 2010

David Haddorff
Christian Ethics as Witness: Barth's Ethics for a World at Risk

Co-authors: Neil D. Jespersen, James E. Brady and Alison G. Hyslop
CHEMISTRY: The Molecular Nature of Matter

Thomas M. Kitts
Literature and Work

Azzedine Layachi
Global Studies: Africa
Global Studies: The Middle East

John J. Metzler
Trans Atlantic Divide: USA/Euroland Rift:?

William Nester
Globalization: A Short History of the Modern World
Globalization, War, and Peace in the Twenty-First Century
Globalization, Wealth, and Power in the Twenty-First Century

Stephen Sicari
Modernist Humanism and the Men of 1914: Joyce, Lewis, Pound, and Eliot

Laura J. Snyder
The Philosophical Breakfast Club: Four Remarkable Friends Who Transformed Science and Changed the World

Robert R. Tomes
American Issues / A Primary Source Reader in United States History, Volume 1 & 2

William J. Torgerson
Love on the Big Screen

Roberta Villalón
Violence Against Latina Immigrants: Citizenship, Inequality and Community

Vincentian Center for Church and Society
Co-authors: Larry Boone, Mary Ann Dantuono, Margaret John Kelly D.C., Brenda Massetti, and James Thompson

A Concise Guide to Catholic Church Management

Charles Wankel
Cutting-Edge Social Media Approaches to Business Education: Teaching With LinkedIn,Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, and Blogs
Educating Educators with Social Media
Global Sustainability as a Business Imperative
Higher Education Administration with Social Media: Including Applications in Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Alumni Relations, and Career Centers
Teaching Arts and Science with the New Social Media

Ann C. Wintergerst
Tips for Teaching Culture: Practical Approaches to Intercultural Communication

Michael Wolfe
A Passion for History: Conversations with Denis Crouzet
Walled Towns and the Shaping of France: From the Medieval to the Early Modern Era