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April 17, 2008

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Institute for Writing Studies and the University Libraries, in conjunction with the Office of the Provost and the Center for Teaching and Learning, we welcome you to the 11th annual faculty book reception. These books, published since March 2007, are a testament to the exciting creativity of our University faculty and their dedication to scholarly inquiry.  Faculty scholarship is the intellectual core of our institution.

Our mission statement opens by emphasizing a commitment to scholarly research, imaginative methodology, rigorous standards and the innovative application of knowledge. All of these are evident in the wave of books published every year by an
exceptional faculty.

The work of teaching is directly connected to scholarship; innovative research spills back into the classroom and our students further inspire us to pursue the challenging work of scholarly engagement. Such a commitment is evident throughout the
University, as this year’s authors range from faculty teaching in the core to those working with graduate students.

Ours is a thriving community of active authors and scholars who labor throughout the year to bring the vision of their research to students, colleagues and the wider public. Today we honor the accomplishments of these dedicated faculty and their role in
enhancing the reputation of the University.

Derek Owens
Director, Institute for Writing Studies

Blythe Roveland-Brenton
University Archivist and Associate University Librarian for Collections


Dohra Ahmad, ed.
Rotten English: A Literary Anthology

Dolores L. Augustine
Red Prometheus: Engineering and Dictatorship in East Germany, 1945-1990

Frank A. Barile
Principles of Toxicology Testing

Ninah Beliavsky, Clyde Coreil, Robert Lake, Claudia Ferradas Moi, Monker Yadar, eds.
Imagination, Cognition and Language Acquisition A Unified Approach to Theory and Practice

Elizabeth Brondolo and Xavier Amador
Break the Bipolar Cycle: A day-to-day guide to living with bipolar disorder

Tisa Bryant
Unexplained Presence

Melissa Buzzeo
What Began Us

Raymond F. Bulman and Frederick J. Parrella, eds.
From Trent to Vatican II Historical and Theological Investigations

Alina Camacho-Gingerich, ed.
The Immigrant Experience in New York City: A Resource Guide

José G. Centeno, Raquel T. Anderson and Loraine K. Obler, eds.
Communication Disorders in Spanish Speakers: Theoretical, Research and Clinical Aspects

Rita Dunn and Brett Elizabeth Blake, eds.
Teaching Every Child to Read: Practical Strategies for K–8 Educators

Rita Dunn and Shirley A. Griggs, eds.
What If? Promising Practices for Improving Education

Robert Finkel
Concise Notes for Physics

Dawn Flanagan, Samuel Ortiz and Vincent Alfonso
Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment 

Donna Geffner and Deborah Ross-Swain, eds.
Auditory Processing Disorders: Assessment, Management and Treatment

Anne Ellen Geller, Michelle Eodice, Frankie Condon, Meg Carroll and Elizabet H. Boquet
The Everyday Writing Center: A Community of Practice

Fred Herron
Combing the Tradition: Catholic Schools in the Era of Baptismal Consciousness

Rafael Art Javier
The Bilingual Mind: Thinking, feeling and speaking in two languages

Thomas M. Kitts
Ray Davies: Not Like Everybody Else

Richard A. Lockshin
The Joy of Science: An examination of How Scientists Ask and Answer
Questions Using the Story of Evolution as a Paradigm

Judith McVarish
Where’s the Wonder in Elementary Math: Encouraging reasoning in the classroom

Regina M. Mistretta
Teachers Engaging Parents and Children in Mathematical Learning: Nurturing Productive Collaboration

Robert Mockler
An Introduction to Electronic Business for Managers

Paul D. Molnar
Incarnation and Resurrection: Toward a Contemporary Understanding

William Nester
The Epic Battles for Ticonderoga, 1758

Kristin Prevallet, ed.
A Helen Adam Reader
I, Afterlife Essay in Mourning Time

Steve Reichstein
The Love Temples of Khajuraho

Ino Rossi, ed.
Frontiers of Globalization Research: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches

Jennifer Travis
Wounded Hearts: Masculinity, Law, and Literature in American Culture

Charles Wankel, ed.
21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook
Alleviating Poverty Through Business Strategy

Charles Wankel and Robert DeFillippi, eds.
New Visions of Graduate Management Education Research in Management Education and Development Series

Charles Wankel and James A. Stoner, eds.
Innovative Approaches to Reducing Global Poverty

Gregory A. Wilson
The Problem in the Middle: Liminal Space and the Court Masque