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April 17, 2007

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Office of the Provost, I am pleased to welcome you again to this 10th annual display of our collective scholarly productivity in recognition of the 20 books published since April of last year that testify to the continuing intellectual activity of the faculty.

It is an axiom of the academy that the scholarly life of the faculty is its intellectual heart, and, to thrive, that life must be shared, tested, discussed and celebrated.  Our students deserve nothing less than teaching that grows from our individual, disciplinary investigations of the world and the best scholarship of our contemporaries; these books are the tools of that engagement.

To each of our contributors, congratulations, and to all our colleagues, we anticipate honoring you.

James Benson
Vice Provost

Angela Belli, ed.
Primary Care: More Poems By Physicians

Tisa Bryant, ed.
The Encyclopedia Project, Vol. 1 A-E

Frank J. Coppa
The Papacy, the Jews, and the Holocaust

Dawn P. Flanagan
The Achievement Test Desk Reference: A Guide to Learning Disability Identification

Granville Ganter, ed.
The Collected Speeches of Sagoyewatha, or Red Jacket

Rafael Art. Javier
Patterns of Desire: Sexual Diversity in Psychoanalysis

Rafael A. Javier, ed.
Handbook of Adoption: Implications for Researchers, Practitioners and Families

Jeffrey C. Kinkley
Corruption and Realism in Latet Socialist China: The Return of the Political Novel

Hung P. Le
Vietnamese Renovated Theater (Cai Luong) as a Medium to Address Women's Issues in Modern Vietnam

John Lowney
History, Memory, and the Literary Left: Modern American Poetry, 1935-1968

Robert J. Mockler
The Competitive Environment: Cases in Strategic Management
Strategic Management Cases: Accounting and Finance

Jay Nathan
Kazakhstan's New Economy: Post-Soviet, Central Asian Industries in a Global Era

Herbert Pierson
New Century English for Postgraduate Students: Reading B - Student's Book and Teacher's Book

Richard C. Sinatra
Reflective Literacy Practices in an Age of Standards: Engaging K-8 Learners

Laura J. Snyder
Reforming Philosophy: A Victorian Debate on Science and Society

Brian Z. Tamanaha
Law as a Means to an End: Threat to the Rule of Law

Athanasios Vasilopoulos
Business Statistics - A Logical Approach

Athanasios Vasilopoulos and F. Victor Lu
Quantitative Methods for Business with Computer Applications