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Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Office of the Provost, I am pleased to welcome you again to this eighth annual display of our collective scholarly productivity. Once again St. John’s faculty have produced more than 30 books since April of last year, testifying to the continuing intellectual vibrancy of the faculty in every school and college.

This year we have a significant number of first editions and several monographs published by university presses.

It is an axiom of the academy that the scholarly life of the faculty is its intellectual heart, and to thrive that life must be shared, tested, discussed and celebrated. Our students deserve nothing less than classes which grow from our personal, disciplinary engagements with the world and with the best work of our contemporaries; these books are the tools of that engagement.

To each of our current contributors, congratulations, and to all our colleagues, we look forward to honoring you next year or some year soon.

Willard Gingerich
Vice Provost
Graduate Studies and Research

Julia A. Upton, RSM, Ph.D


Howard Abadinsky
Probation and Parole: Theory and Practice

Judith L. Beizer
Geriatric Dosage Handbook

Brett Elizabeth Blake
The Literacy Primer

Mauricio Borrero
Russia: A Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present

Lee Ann Brown
Nascent Toolbox

James Reed Campbell, ed.
Cross-Cultural Research: Basic Issues, Dilemmas, and Strategies

Gaetano Cipolla
Siciliana: Essays on the Sicilian Ethos

Raymond DiGiuseppe
The Anger Disorders Scale: Technical Manual

Jefferson Fish
Handbook of Culture, Therapy, and Healing

Dawn P. Flanagan
Essentials of WISC-IV Assessment

Arthur Gianelli, Kevin Kennedy and Glenn Statile, eds.
The Journey of Metaphysics

Thomas Giordano
And Justice For All: The Complete Small Claims Handbook

Dipak Haldar, ed.
LIPIDS: Sphingomyelin Synthesizing Enzymes

Richard P. Harmond and Thomas J. Curran
A History of Memorial Day
Environmentalism and The Government

Amy King
Bloom: The Botanical Vernacular in the English Novel

Amy King, ed.
Wives and Daughters

Jeffrey C. Kinkley, trans.
Selected Stories of Shen Congwen: Chinese-English Bilingual Edition

Rev. Robert E. Lauder
Magnetized by God: Religious Encounters through Film, Theater, Literature and Painting

Gregory Maertz, ed.
George Eliot’s Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life

Eduardo Mitre
El Paraguas de Manhattan

Melissa Mowry
The Bawdy Politic in Stuart England, 1660–1714

Jeffrey Nevid and Beverly Greene
Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World

Jeffrey Nevid
Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications

Allan Ornstein
Foundations of Education

Allan Ornstein and Richard Sinatra
K-8 Instructional Methods: A Literacy Perspective

Annalisa Saccà, Gaetano Cipolla, trans.
Dove non è mai sera/Where Evening Never Falls

Annalisa Sacca
Enzo Nasso: saggi critici

Richard Stalter
Barrier Island Botany: A Guide to Barrier Island Plants from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Assateague Island, Virginia

Brian Tamanaha
On the Rule of Law: History, Politics, Theory

Robert R. Tomes, ed. and Irwin Unger, ed.
American Issues, Volume I: To 1877, and Volume II: Since 1865

Christopher P. Vogt
Patience, Compassion, Hope, and the Christian Art of Dying Well

Charles Wankel and Robert DeFillippi
The Cutting Edge of International Management Education