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Thomas M. Kitts

Dr. Thomas M. Kitts, Professor of English, is the author of Ray Davies: Not Like Everybody Else and The Theatrical Life of George Henry Boker.  His articles and reviews have appeared in various journals and periodicals, including the Journal of Popular Culture, Mid-Atlantic Almanack, Popular Music and Society, American Drama, the Popular Culture Review, and The Daily Blues & Jazz, and various collections, including, most recently, Sound Fabrics: Studies on the Intermedial and Institutional Dimensions of Popular Music (eds. Martin Butler, Arvi Sepp, and Patrick A. Burger).  Kitts is also the author of a play, published and staged, Gypsies: An East Village Opera.  With Michael J. Kraus, he co-edited Living on a Thin Line: Crossing Aesthetic Borders with The Kinks. 

He is the author of several instructors’ manuals on literature for McGraw-Hill and currently edits two journals: The Mid-Atlantic Almanack for the Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association and, with Gary Burns, co-edits Popular Music and Society, an international publication.  He is also the editor of the forthcoming anthology Literature and Work, and serves on the national board for the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association.  He holds an undergraduate degree from St. John’s University and graduate degrees from New York University.