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John Greg

Charming, loveable, bursting with infinite useful factoids to spice up classes, and a wicked sense of humor to bat, it is no wonder that Dr. Greg is the darling of the Honors Program and of all the students who have had the pleasure of taking his class. Dr. Greg has been with the Honors Program since its very beginning. In fact, its first honors course was taught by Dr. Greg in 1978. Before then, it was called the “Independent Study Program.” The course was worth four credits rather than three, and it was actually initiated by a group of students who first chose the topic (public speaking), approached Dr. Greg, and then asked him to teach it. Since then, Dr. Greg has witnessed the Honors Program’s expansion from only twenty to over 1200 students, and he has passed on his knowledge to a good share of these.

Teaching and argumentation are Dr. Greg’s greatest passions. He got his first taste of public speaking when he joined the debate team in high school and he never stopped loving it. After receiving his B.A. in English from St. John’s in 1962, he went to Wayne State University in Detroit both as a debate coach and to get a master’s degree in Rhetoric and Public Address. By the fall 1963, he was teaching as a graduate student. In 1972 he received his doctorate from Wayne State. It took him almost nine years to complete his Ph.D. because he enjoyed teaching so much that he had accepted a full-time teaching position. This resulted in the postponement of his dissertation. After receiving his doctorate, it was a twist of fate that led Dr. Greg back to St. John’s.   Thank you fate!