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Jack Franzetti

It would be hard to find a professor dearer to more students than Dr. Jack Franzetti. He has taught whole generations of students, at St. John’s since 1955 and before that at Seton Hall from 1946—and still he continues, as keen in intellect and as beloved as ever. Dr. Franzetti teaches the honors global literature course for the Honors Program as well as business writing for the professional studies majors and the great novels of French, Russian, and Victorian literature to all and sundry.  His love of language, his appreciation of classic literary style, and his infinite collection of diction rarities are without equal.

Dr. Franzetti was Chair of the Division of Literature and Speech in the College of Professional Studies for many years. His kindness and wit are legendary, and he is the archetype of remembered professors. Proof of this exists in the scholarship fund his college has established in his name and in the annual award that that the Honors Program gives in his name to graduating students who have contributed most both to the Program and to the University.The closest thing St. John’s has to an academic hall of fame is the photographs of memorable students and faculty members in the halls of D’Angelo Center. Dr. Franzetti is in that gallery as he is in this, one of its most prominent members.