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Anthony Michael Sabino

Anthony Michael Sabino, Professor of Law, Tobin College of Business, is a nationally renowned scholar, practicing attorney, and media personality.  Dr. Sabino specializes in complex federal and business litigation, and frequently appears on television, radio, and in print as an expert legal commentator. 

He has over three dozen scholarly legal writings that have been published by the top law schools in the country, and his work has been cited as authoritative by some of the highest federal courts in America.  In addition, he had hundreds of other legal articles that have been published by business and legal journals across the land. 

For over twenty five years, Dr. Sabino has maintained a vibrant practice of law in the fields of securities fraud, white collar crime, creditors’ rights in bankruptcy cases, antitrust law, oil and gas, maritime, aviation, and other fields.  He is admitted and has appeared before many federal courts across the land, and in the past has been a leading candidate for a federal judgeship.  He has numerous appointments as an arbitrator to resolve disputes on Wall Street and in local courts, and has represented clients in high profile “white collar” crime cases, “megabankruptcies,” and other business litigation. 

Dr. Sabino brings his real world experience in the courtroom and on Wall Street to the classroom every day, often teaching cutting edge legal and business principles from the front page.  Likewise, he is frequently quoted on TV, radio, and in print by Bloomberg, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other leading national and international outlets.