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T3 - Transforming Teaching through Technology

Although the goals of the T3 Program have been accomplished as of September, 2011, the learning and sharing of new ideas and methods will continue among the faculty into the future .

St. John’s vision of empowering “diverse learners with quality education for life” took on new vigor with a 1.5 million dollar grant from the United States Department of Education under its Strengthening Institutions Title III program.  The University’s project, called T3 - Transforming Teaching with Technology, was on the cutting-edge in the use of technology in education, and initiated new faculty development and curriculum enhancement projects. T3 provided interested faculty with opportunities to explore the use of technology and information literacy in their teaching as well as the use of critical thinking and active learning strategies.  The focus was on core curriculum courses and initially on the Scientific Inquiry course.  Ultimately, both full-time and adjunct faculty were invited to participate in the program which had two foci: faculty development and curriculum development.

Eighteen faculty, chosen because of their expertise in the various aspects of the program, were selected as participants in the first stage of this grant.   This website provided information on the developing project so that the entire University could share in this exciting opportunity.

Contact Information

Maura Flannery
Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
[email protected]

Gina (Marandino) Robinson
New Media and Communications Specialist
[email protected]

Kathryn G. Shaughnessy
Associate Professor and Technology Librarian
[email protected]