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Fire Safety

The Office of Fire Safety at St. John's University, a unit within the Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for:

  • Researching, preparing and distributing Fire Safety Plans
  • Provide professional and technical information in the area of fire suppression, fire detection and fire education
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state and municipal fire safety codes and regulations
  • Interface with municipal Fire Inspectors and all Fire Department Officials
  • Represent the University in all matters relating to fire Safety
  • Advise the University on all current and proposed fire legislation
  • Conduct and evaluate all fire drills
  • Establishing the Incident Command System for fire-related incidents.
  • Establish a year round holiday decoration policy.

Department Contact
Dept of Environment, Health and Safety
168-10 Goethals Avenue
Queens, NY 11439

Queens Campus

Emergency Phone:
718-990-5252 or 911

Staten Island Campus

Emergency Phone:
718-390-4487 / 4488 or 911