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Design and Construction

The Design & Construction Department is responsible for the long and short term physical planning needs for the University’s local and global campuses.  Our mission is to provide the best possible built environment to support St. John’s University’s current and future academic goals. Our team maintains a high standard of quality service and stewardship to preserve our clients’ main goals and to enhance the overall architectural experience of our teaching and learning environment.

The Design & Construction Department serves both academic and administrative units.  The Department provides a multitude of services that includes space programming and planning, pre-design and capital planning services, furniture selection, exterior and interior signage planning, and the development of design standards. The Design & Construction team also manages the University’s long term Master plan and is responsible for keeping track of the space occupancy and utilization of facility resources.

The Design & Construction team sets the guidelines for the quality of the built environments at St. John’s University. The goal of the guideline is to promote design excellence and implement sustainable practices throughout the built and landscaped environments.  We strive for innovative and thoughtful solutions to help the University better fulfill its academic mission.