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Supervising Student Workers

Supervising student workers requires more than delegation, it requires mentoring, direct communication, and ongoing guidance. A positive student employment experience on campus not only assists in student retention, it provides meaningful opportunities for career development and job readiness by giving students a meaningful on-campus work experience where they learn skills that will translate to a future career.

The toolkit resources provided below are aimed at helping you, the supervisors and managers to:

  • Promote an open dialogue between student workers and their supervisors and managers
  • Clarify performance expectations, set goals, and monitor progress
  • Provide formal, written performance feedback
  • Identify and prepare individuals for increased responsibility
  • Cultivate a transfer of knowledge between academics and work 
  • Develop student workers workplace professionalism and skills
  • Motivate student workers by giving them meaningful work, recognition and support


Contact Us

Reach out to the Student Employment office in Human Resources or to University Career Services if you need assistance. 

Mary Cascio
Student Employment Manager
Department of Human Resources
Office: (718) 990-2331
Fax: (718) 990-5887
Email:[email protected]

Joni O'Hagan
Director, Career Development
University Career Services
Division of Student Affairs
Office: (718) 990-6376
Email:[email protected]