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Student Worker Handbook

Alongside a quality education, experiential learning contributes significantly to the experience our students have while they are in college.  Opportunities made available through on campus student employment are an excellent way to positively impact student experience and increase the return on investment made by our St. John’s students.  Career development can take place in school, and student employment is one way to help our students as they chart their career path and prepare to graduate.

The University is committed to supporting part-time, on-campus student employment for the benefits of students and University departments. St. John’s students play an integral role in many University offices. In return for their service and assistance, the University provides student workers with an opportunity to gain valuable office and technical skills, perform work that may relate to future career plans, earn a competitive salary rate, have flexibility in scheduling work hours, and eliminate the additional cost of commuting to and from a workplace. By joining students and employees through the opportunity of student employment, academic experience is enhanced with practical learning on the job in a supportive and challenging setting.