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SOCIAL STYLES and Interpersonal Effectiveness

Audience: All Employees                                                   

Have you often wondered why you are comfortable interacting with some people and less so with others?  Do you wonder how others view your style of interaction?  If so, attend the workshop on SOCIAL STYLES.  This 2.5-hour workshop provides an introduction to SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility.   The session presents information about the fundamental concepts of behavior versus personality, provides insight into four SOCIAL STYLES (Analytical, Amiable, Driving, and Expressive), and demonstrates the impact that SOCIAL STYLE behavior has on others through the concept of Versatility.    Specifically, the workshop seeks to guide participants to:

  • understand the SOCIAL STYLE Model;
  • complete a paper-based self-perception questionnaire;
  • increase their understanding of their style and how others tend to view people with that style; and
  • identify ways to use SOCIAL STYLE in order to be more effective with others.