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Quality Service Module II: Effective Communications and Handling Difficult Situations in the Age of Technology

Audience: All Employees who completed Module I 
Module I is a pre-requisite for Module II.

Quality Service Module II focuses on effective communication skills and the impact it can have on the level of Quality Service you provide. This module offers you the opportunity for hand-on skills practice in face-to-face communication, active listening techniques, and defusing a difficult situation. This program will also focus on understanding the role of technology in providing quality service to our Millennial students and working in a multi-generational environment.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How effective communication is defined and its role in providing Quality Service
  • How to use active listening to help you become a better listener
  • How to defuse a difficult situation and reach agreement
  • Tips for communicating with your supervisor
  • The role of technology in providing Quality Service
  • The myriad technology in use at St. John’s today
  •  Ways to maximize your time by using technology
  • Your email communication style and about email etiquette: some do’s and don’ts