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People Management: Interviewing Techniques – Hiring the Best

Audience: Administrators who Supervise other Staff or Administrators          

Hiring a new employee for your department can be a challenging, time-consuming experience. The Interviewing Techniques: Hiring the Best workshop will give you the skills you need to hire the best candidate; one who will positively impact your department’s functioning and productivity.

Learn how to:

  • Work together with HR to best manage the hiring process
  • Identify selection criteria and required competencies for the position
  • Create questions that will let you know how the candidate will perform in the job
  • Develop rapport with candidates and build a positive interview climate
  • Probe for more information in the interview process
  • Transition through each stage of the interview seamlessly
  • Use effective behavioral questioning techniques
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Attract qualified candidates to your department, and the University
  • Use your time wisely to get the most informative responses from candidates
  • Gather information to make a well-informed hiring decision