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Policy 905 - Telecommunications

Section: Information Technology
Policy Number: 905
Responsible Office: IT/ Telecommunications
Effective Date: 04/01/01


The Telecommunications Department provides voice communications services for all faculty, administrators, staff, and resident students at the University. Telecommunications works with other IT groups, when necessary, in an effort to provide efficient and effective quality service to users. The following are the University-wide policies associated with these services.

Telephone Service Requests: All requests for telecommunications activities must be made in writing, in the form of a Telephone Service Request (TSR). Completed TSR forms must provide all the information required, including the specific budget code to be charged for any billable services, and have the signature of approval of the appropriate business manager. Telephone Service Requests that consist of 10 stations (telephones) or less must be made to the Telecommunications Department at least ten business days prior to the requested service delivery date. For requests that involve more than ten stations, Telecommunications will negotiate a service delivery date. TSR's are available from the Telecommunications Department (extension 5962).

New hardware requests (e.g.: telephones, cables, etc.) are considered billable items, and will be charged at the current rates available at the time of the order. Requests for software additions or changes are considered non-billable items and, as such, no charges are associated with these services.

Repair activities: All telecommunications repair requests should be made by contacting the Information Technologies Hot Line at extension 5000, and selecting the option for Telecommunications. As a matter of policy, Telecommunications will attempt to respond to all repair tickets issued within 24 hours.

Cell Phones: All requests for new cell phones must be made via a TSR. All new cell phones and the corresponding monthly service and usage charges are billed directly to the requester.

Pagers/beepers: All requests for pagers must be made via a TSR. Pagers will be issued only to University employees who can demonstrate a business need. As a matter of policy, the University does not issue pagers to student workers. The cost of any pager, other than local standard digital pagers, will be charged to the requester.

Collect or Other Third Party Telephone Calls: St. John's University does not accept collect or third party calls of any kind.

Broadcast Voice Mail Messages: All requests for broadcast voice mail messages must be made in writing through the Office of Communications. Broadcast topics must be of importance or interest to the entire user community and may not target a small or individualized group or segment.


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