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Policy 403 - Personal Time

Section: Time Off
Policy Number: 403
Responsible Office: HR/HR Services
Effective Date: 04/01/01
Revised: 01/01/04

Personal Time Policy for Full-time Administrators

Full-time administrators accrue 22 vacation days each calendar year, up to two (2) of which may be used as personal days. In addition, if a special situation of a personal nature arises during the course of a workday, such as a scheduled doctor’s or legal appointment, an administrator may request additional personal time off during the day. This personal time is not to be interpreted as a day or days off, but instead may mean the administrator’s arrival at work is delayed or the administrator leaves work early to handle the situation. The University’s expectation for administrators is that they will complete their work so that there is no negative impact on the department as a result of the absence. Personal time is an exception and any pattern of absence may be cause for disciplinary action.

It is the responsibility of every supervisor to maintain a record of absences for his or her employees.

Personal Time Policy for Full-time Staff

Full-time staff may use a maximum of two (2) of the 10 days of sick time coverage per year for special situations of a personal nature. All requests for personal days must be approved in advance by the supervisor.

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