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Policy 108 - Pre-employment Testing

Section: Employment
Policy Number: 108
Responsible Office: HR/Recruitment
Effective Date: 02/05/01
Revised: 02/01/06; 05/20/15

The Recruitment office will administer any pre-employment skills tests used in the evaluation and selection of candidates for employment with the University because testing procedures are subject to federal regulations. Tests are considered valid if they directly evaluate the same skills the applicant is expected to use in the performance of his or her job duties.

Testing software will be used to administer pre-employment skills testing. Testing software delivers an objective tool that determines competencies and skill levels in an accurate and objective manner. The tests available include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, as well as typing, shorthand/ speedwriting, data entry and business writing.

Hiring managers should contact the Recruitment Office at extension 2445 or 2966 to schedule applicants for testing.

St. John's University, New York
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