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Campus Connect: Student Suicide Prevention Training

Audience: All Employees 

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college students with approximately 1100 deaths each year. Research has shown that approximately 10% of the college student population is thinking about suicide at any one time; yet 80% of completed suicides never had any contact with a mental health provider. This program was developed at Syracuse University and is currently used at over 125 campuses nationally. It has been designed specifically for the campus environment, has research to support its effectiveness, and has been included on the Best Practices Registry of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center/American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Participants in our campus training have included faculty/staff and students from the Law School; Athletics; Campus Ministry; Residential Life staff; Global Studies; Student Affairs and Student Life; Freshman Advising Center; Greek student leaders; peer mentors, etc. This program is not intended to turn participants into therapists or counselors. It is aimed at gatekeepers - those individuals who have one-on-one contact with students which may occur in a variety of contexts. In collaboration with Human Resources, we are making this training program more broadly available and will offer several sessions. This is a 2 hour interactive program which includes: Review of college student suicide data; Discussion of suicide myths and warning signs; Discussion of typical emotional reactions experienced both by students in crisis and those who respond to them; Review of effective communication skills; Instruction on how to ask students if they are thinking about suicide and how to refer students to helping professionals.