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Advancement Services

It would be impossible for us to keep in touch with our alumni, donors and friends without up-to-date information on every member of our St. John’s family.

That’s why the Office of Advancement Services is so important. Its staff performs the vital function of processing all of our financial gifts and continuously updating our information database with new demographic and biographic data. With all of the various outreach initiatives that take place at St. John’s every year, administrators rely on the Office of Advancement Services to provide them with accurate and relevant information.

The staff also keeps our financial gifts properly counted and distributed, recording and processing every gift made to St. John’s to ensure that the dollar amount is credited to the appropriate donor. The Office provides data and analysis to other departments, rating the cost-effectiveness of events held throughout the year.

Office of Advancement Services
Suite B23, 2nd Floor, University Center 
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, New York  11439
Tel (718) 990-7498
Fax (718) 990-6859