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Student Development

The mission of Student Development is to foster the Catholic, Vincentian and metropolitan tradition of the University through the enhancement of the natural abilities of all students from admission to graduation. This is accomplished by providing students with a variety of programs, activities and services that enrich the spiritual, intellectual and physical fibers of the individual.

Student Development is further committed to providing students with programs that specifically address new student transition development and the personal growth, leadership development and decision-making skills of the all students. It is composed of the following areas and programs:


James Salnave, Ed.D
Associate Dean of Student Development

Nigel Gretton
Director of Performing Arts and the Voices of Victory Gospel Choir

Sharod L.Tomlinson
Director of Student Development and R.I.S.E. Mentoring

Siddique Mohamed
Assistant Director of Student Development

Brian Fausto
Assistant Director of Student Development