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Planning for Your Arrival on Campus

Step 1: Review and Complete the Move-in Ready Checklist

Log in to MySJU and review the Move-in Ready checklist. If all steps are completed, you have met the requirements for move-in. If steps are incomplete, please follow the instructions given to complete those requirements prior to move-in.

Viewing and confirming your checklist prior to your arrival will make for a much smoother move-in. Examples include:

  • Student Account Paid
  • Registration for Classes Complete
  • Vaccinations Submitted
  • Emergency/Missing Persons Contacts Provided
  • Housing Agreement Submitted

To view your Move-In Ready Checklist:

  1. Log on to MySJU at
  2. Select "How Do I..." tab
  3. Find the "Residence Life" portlet on the page
  4. Select "Move-in Ready Checklist"

Step 2: Web Check-in

Once your Move-in Ready Checklist is complete you are eligible for Web Check-in. Much like printing your boarding passes for an airline flight from home, you can print your Web Check-in confirmation form and movein parking pass from home.

Students may complete their “Web Check-in” as early as three days prior to their scheduled arrival date. To complete your web checkin, please scroll to the bottom of the Movein Ready Checklist page.

Please print and retain your Web Check-in Confirmation Form, Move-in Parking Pass (if required) at this time.  Please present these documents, along with your StormCard, to Public Safety (Queens) or Residence Life staff (Staten Island) upon your arrival to campus.

To complete your Web Check-in:

  1. Log on to MySJU at
  2. Click “Access UIS” from the right column.
  3. Select “Student and Financial Aid” menu option
  4. Select “Resident Students” submenu
  5. Select “Move-in Ready Checklist”
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click, “Check-in”
  7. Print and retain your Web Check-in confirmation form and Move-in Parking Passes

Please note: If you are unable to print your confirmation and parking pass documents from home or have not met the requirements for move-in, you will be directed to complete the in-person check-in process for additional assistance. We encourage you to avoid this unnecessary step if at all possible, but we are here to assist as necessary.