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Peer Mentoring Programs

Project A.I.M. (Asian & International Mentoring Program)
Asian Alliance
English Language Table
R.I.S.E. Network (Reach, Inspire, Succeed, Empower) 


Project A.I.M. (Asian & International Mentoring Program)


Project A.I.M. is to provide comprehensive support for Asian students and international students to successfully achieve college transition, life adjustment, cultural assimilation, academic excellence, and leadership and career development.


Project A.I.M. strives to create a social and intellectual learning environment outside of the classroom where our Asian students and international students can enhance the quality of student life and learning experience, and will confidently contribute to our dynamic campus community through their unique experiences at St. John’s.


We commit to provide guidance and support to gain global insights, value cultural diversity, and communicate effectively in networking situations by:

  • Helping establish positive mentoring relationships through an atmosphere of openness in which meaningful communication and trust can exist 
  • Helping  locate campus resources that St. John’s has to offer and gain a greater appreciation for campus life 
  • Helping become knowledgeable at team work and collaboration 
  • Helping increase awareness of and ability to appreciate and to interact with other social and cultural groups within the University campuses 
  • Helping define next steps to achieve goals 
  • Helping develop life skills for personal empowerment by offering advance opportunities for personal, social, cultural, leadership, and professional growth.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will discover the essence of being a positive role model representing Project A.I.M. and the general philosophy of Student Affairs, and will motivate and sustain their enthusiasm for the program.
  2. Students will evaluate the importance of teamwork and collaboration and exercise effective communication with teams.
  3. Students will learn about the challenges and barriers their peers face and become more sensitive to those challenges.
  4. Students will gain confidence in their abilities to make a difference in the lives of themselves and their peers.
  5. Students will increase global awareness and knowledge about other cultures to better their influence on the mentoring relationships.
  6. Students will develop a sense of one's strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  7. Students will be able to identify academic goals and objectives and know how to determine opportunities and activities that can broaden their college experiences.
  8. Students will receive continuing training opportunities and become more skilled at developing mentoring relationships.                     

Ways to Get Involved in Project A.I.M.

Sponsored by the Department of Student Life, Project A.I.M. is subdivided into three programmatic areas:

  • Project A.I.M.: Asian Mentoring
  • Project A.I.M.: International Mentoring
  • Project A.I.M.: General Body. 

Project A.I.M.: Asian Mentoring Program

All St. John’s University Asian students participating in this program are provided assistance in expanding networking and improving leadership skills that helps them become actively involved in campus activities, student organizations, and other professional programs based on their individual interests at St. John’s University. 

Project A.I.M.: International Mentoring Program

New international students and international sophomores participating in this program are assigned a peer mentor team to help them with their college transition, language barrier, social expansion, career development, and cultural assimilation in America. 

Project A.I.M.: General Body

All St. John’s University students who register as Project A.I.M. members benefit from the weekly and weekend events/workshops, and many other fun and cultural trips. General student body will have the life-enriching opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Program Services: 

  • One To One Interaction with Mentors: Throughout the entire academic year, mentors offer consistent academic, social, cultural, and personal support through phone calls, e-mails, and personal meetings.
  • Personal Assistance with English Speaking Skills: Mentees will have opportunities to practice speaking English and expand their social network in a supportive environment.
  • Weekly Cross-Cultural Awareness Programming: Members have the options to attend a variety of on and off-campus activities celebrating the cultural diversity of our students and our nation in a social setting.  Activities include cross-cultural events, educational and leadership workshops, traditional American holiday programs, cultural trips to New York City for Broadway shows, museums, and much more…
  • Immigration Regulations Seminars: Students who hold F-1 or J-1 visas are invited to seminars presented by professionals and immigration attorneys to receive the most recently updated immigration regulations including CPT, OPT, H1B, Traveling, and other important information related to the SEVIS system. 
  • Civil and Social  Responsibility: Students are encouraged to join in community services projects that help sharpen souls, strengthen bonding with others, and experience the Vincentian Tradition of serving the poor and giving back to the society through community services.
  • Holiday Family Friend Program: All St. John’s international students are encouraged to apply for this program to experience American holidays, such as a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and party on the Queens Campus and 3-day Thanksgiving celebration with Amish Mennonite Families in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.



Asian Alliance

STJ Asian students, administrators and faculty members congregate to discuss strategies that help enrich students’ learning experience at St. John’s including campus-related issues and concerns, needs for meaningful campus engagement, and programmatic collaboration among Asian organizations and interest groups.



English Language Table

All St. John’s International students are invited to attend this program that encourages communication and socialization opportunities through weekly informal interactions with American students to help develop in comprehension of spoken English, assimilation to the American cultures, friendships with American students. Students who attend all sessions will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in April.



R.I.S.E. Network (Reach, Inspire, Succeed, Empower) 


The R.I.S.E. Network is a scholar’s empowerment network that provides Black and Latino freshman students with skill-based development, support and opportunities to enhance their overall academic career at St. John's University. 

This is a new and exciting initiative under the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Division of Student Affairs. The goal is to create an environment where successful, high potential students come together to assist in increasing the retention and graduation rates of our Black and Latino students at St. John's University.

Who is this program for?

Freshman students who are dedicated to their academic success and personal and professional development. These students will become part of a network of dedicated, committed and passionate SJU students that support and hold one another accountable for their overall performance and growth within this program.

What do participants get from this program?

Participants (R.I.S.E. scholars) will be part of a network that will assist in their academic success and personal and professional development. The network will focus on the successful completion of sophomore year by assisting with academics, career preparation, spiritual development and social integration by establishing connections with the relevant support services at St. John's University. Our goal is to ensure that protégés are intentionally connected to people, services and organizations to support their development and also empower them to be an integral part of the St. John's University community.

Who's Involved?

R.I.S.E network is managed by a team of passionate administrators and students who are committed to building this community and ensuring that the objectives of the program are met. More importantly, they are there to serve the participants of the program and ensure that every student is successful.

These are the members of the network:

  • Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
    • Douglas Geiger, Ph.D is responsible for the overall oversight and direction of the program. 
  • Assistant Directors of Multicultural Affairs
    • Natalie Munoz and Andrew Bennett are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the scholars empowerment network. They will serve as advisors to the network leaders and assist with the coordination of the programs and ensure that they are aligned to the mission of R.I.S.E.  
  • Network Leaders
    • The network leaders are primarily upperclassmen students dedicated to the retention, development and success of their fellow peers. These are a number of St. John's University exemplary students who have performed well academically, demonstrated leadership abilities, has knowledge of St. John's University resources and services and is passionate and excited about being a coach to their peers. 
  • Scholars
    • The scholars are high potential, dedicated students who comprise the scholars empowerment network. Scholars will be assigned a specific network leader to serve as a mentor, but will also have access to other network leaders so that they can connect on similar interests and become stronger academically. 

Pillar of Success
The R.I.S.E network has the following pillars that will lead to the holistic development of the protégés.