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Cultural Heritage Celebrations

Where are you from? What traditions have been celebrated in your cultural history? What is your cultural heritage? Our University community is rich in many cultural, social and global traditions and students have many opportunities to create and celebrate their culture.

National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is nationally celebrated and recognized from September 10 to October 15. The historic context of this celebration is to increase awareness and celebrate not only the contributions, but the various Diasporas that reflect the Latino community.

Italian Heritage Month 

Italian Heritage Month is set in October to coincide with Columbus Day and celebrates the many achievements and successes of not only Americans of Italian descent but also Italians living in America. America was named after an Italian (Amerigo Vespucci).

Black History Month

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month, is celebrated each February in the United States. Because of the timing of the birthdays of two very important individuals in the fight to end slavery, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

Women's History Month

Annually celebrated in March, Women's History Month acknowledges the many contributions women have made in America's rich past. From its beginnings as International Women's Day on March 8, 1911, it has been expanded twice by the United States Congress first as a weeklong celebration in 1981 and to its current month-long celebration in 1987.

Irish Pride Celebration

We celebrate the rich Irish American history at St. John's. We honor the achievements made by Irish-Americans during this time. For many generations those of Irish heritage have contributed to our society. It is for this reason that we take pride in celebrating Irish culture.

Asian Pacific Heritage Month

May is National Asian-Pacific Heritage Month. With an emphasis on celebrating the rich Asian history and traditions and contributions and accomplishments, every year in April, Office of Multicultural Affairs coordinates observances of National Asian Pacific Heritage Month on campus to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the vibrant and diverse cultures of Asians.