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Emergency Planning

The health and safety of all our students, faculty, administration, staff and visitors is of paramount concern at St. John’s University. While the likelihood of a major emergency situation is remote, St. John’s recognizes the critical importance of being prepared and has designed a comprehensive program that ensures the security of the University community in the event of a crisis.

The University’s Emergency Planning programs are in place to effectively prepare for and respond to several different types of incidents that may occur. In the event of an emergency our first goal is your safety and the safety of everyone on campus, so please pay special attention to all the available safety information.

NYC Office of Emergency Management
In order to ensure the University is aware of potential hazardous or emergency situations that may affect the University Community within the NYC Area, the Department of Public Safety and Risk Management maintains direct contact with the NYC Office of Emergency Management as well as the New York City Police and Fire Departments.

The NYC Office of Emergency Management also supplies a wide range of emergency and preparedness-related topics on their Web site.