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Research with Purpose

If you want to conduct groundbreaking research with world-class scholars, then St. John’s is for you. With grants from both the public and private sectors, faculty and students partner to create cutting-edge discoveries that affect our world.



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Helping the Knowledge Creators

Research is the heart of a university education. Professors create knowledge that benefits society, while students learn from their instructors’ expertise. The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research helps researchers at St. John’s to identify and secure funding. 

Research News

The allocation makes use of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), a virtual system for scientists to share computing resources, data, and expertise.
All received $495,000 to support their research programs within St. John’s University.
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Expanding the Boundaries of Scholarship

Professors at St. John’s are teacher-practitioners, using the experience they gain in the lab and in the field to enhance their students’ education. Yet their work influences the world beyond the campus, pushing the limits of medicine, technology, business, the arts, literature—virtually every endeavor that touches our lives.

Success at St. John's

“Direct engagement with students working in the lab can prove a very formative experience for a student’s career, particularly the realization that scholarly research can be the foundation of a creative process.” - Matteo Ruggiu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Professors Ruggiu, Vancurova, and Vancura
St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Distinguish Yourself

Since 2012, 24 St. John’s students have accepted prestigious Fulbright Scholar awards to conduct research and teach in countries around the world. You can join the talented young men and women who have received this honor. 

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Showcasing Excellence

Every year, SJU showcases the academic and scholarly achievements of students and faculty with a celebration featuring lectures, poster sessions, presentations, roundtables, and workshops.

Creating Knowledge

As a University that inspires excellence, St. John’s develops, supports, and implements policies that encourage the creation of knowledge and intellectual property for the benefit of humanity.

Making an Impact

Diverse, driven, and dynamic—St. John’s undergraduate and graduate students join faculty in research projects in all fields. At SJU, we focus on obtaining grant dollars, publishing scholarly work in peer-reviewed journals, and supporting students as they present at major conferences.