St. John's University New York Campuses Closed

Due to the icing and unsafe driving conditions, all St. John's University's New York campuses will close today, Thursday, March 5.

Parents of 11th Graders

Most agree that a student's junior year is the toughest of high school. It is also the last full year that will be assessed by future colleges. We will make sure to keep you aware of important deadlines and buzz words, and we will be here online at all times in between. In the meantime, focus on financial planning for yourself and standardized test planning for your child.

College Preparation during Junior Year: Collaboration Is Key

With senior year on the horizon, now is the time for juniors and their parents to make important decisions together. Collaboration is the key to ensuring their successful future.

Set aside time to review and discuss your student's PSAT results. If they are unhappy with their scores, remind them that they can retake them next fall and that most colleges welcome updated scores.

Winter is the ideal time for parents to help start planning their students’ schedule for senior year. Encourage them to take challenging courses, as that will help them stand out when applying to selective colleges. For example, AP courses are college-level classes in a wide variety of subjects that students can take while still in high school. The experience offers challenging work and a taste of what college classes are like. At many colleges, students who score high on AP exams may be eligible for academic merit scholarships, course credit, advanced placement, or the opportunity to enroll in an honors program.

At the same time, students should avoid spreading themselves too thin with extracurricular activities, a part-time job, or anything else that might affect their academic performance.

St. John's University is dedicated to providing students with an outstanding Catholic higher education, featuring world-class faculty, financial aid assistance, safe residential campuses, and career preparation that is unmatched. We want to supply you with the tools and information you will need to guide your child to a great college experience.

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