Parents of 11th Graders

Most agree that a student's junior year is the toughest of high school. It is also the last full year that will be assessed by future colleges. We will make sure to keep you aware of important deadlines and buzz words, and we will be here online at all times in between. In the meantime, focus on financial planning for yourself and standardized test planning for your child.

Fall has arrived!

College preparation in Junior Year: Setting an Example

When it comes to preparing for college, parents of high school juniors know that time is of the essence. 

Students beginning their junior year should meet with their guidance counselor before the end of October to discuss several important topics, including transcripts, AP classes/exams, and college events hosted in nearby towns and schools.

Your child also will need to take the PSAT, a standardized test that provides firsthand practice for the SAT. Offered in October, the test is an excellent way to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses—areas that could benefit from additional study and practice.

Provide an example by organizing information about the colleges in which your child is interested. Create a special file that includes details about their intended major, financial aid, etc. This may inspire your college-bound student to be equally as organized and proactive.

St. John's University is dedicated to providing students with every opportunity for an outstanding Catholic higher education, and we want to supply you with the tools and information to guide your child to a great college experience. 

For more helpful information, please visit or email Our enrollment counselors will be happy to assist you in any way possible.