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Laptop and Wireless Computing

What if my laptop is in need of repair?
First always click on Access IBM on your laptop to try and troubleshoot. If you cannot fix it please come to:

  • Queens
    Sullivan Hall, Room  103A
  • Staten Island
    DaSilva Academic Center, Room 108
  • Manhattan
    IT Office, Room 418

Hours of Operation - Queens
Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
For special openings and hours, please check on St. John's Central Homepage.

Having trouble getting online wirelessly?

  • Make sure that you are located in an area that has a wireless network.  If you are on a St. John’s University campus, please See Locations for areas that are included in the wireless zones.
  • Using your St. John’s Laptop, hold the “Fn” and “F5” keys down at the same time.  This will open up the controls for the wireless card.  Click on the tab that says “Wireless Radio”.  Make sure the status is listed as “On.”  If it is “Off,” you can click the power button to the right of it, to change the status to “On.”
  • Next, click the tab on the top of the window that says “Location Profile”.
  • If trying to connect to the wireless network on campus, select the location profile that says “SJUStudent.”
  • If trying to browse for other non-SJU wireless networks while off campus, click on the link that says “Find Wireless Networks,” while on the Location Profile tab.
  • Select the network that you are trying to connect to, and click the connect button at the bottom of the window.
  • If those steps did not work, please go to the repair shop.

How do I update my McAfee AntiVirus software on my St. John’s Laptop?
McAfee AntiVirus Software updates instruction sheet (PDF)

How do I back up my data/burn a CD?
CD Burning using Windows XP utility
CD Burning using IBM Record Now

When wireless is not available, how do I connect to the campus ethernet?
Ethernet cable instructions

Who Owns The Laptop While I Am An Undergraduate?
Each laptop is property of St. John’s University until you graduate.  This is for reasons that benefit you.  During this time, support services are available through the Student Laptop Support Center, located in Sullivan Hall, Room 103b.  This includes hardware and software support under the warranty and insurance coverage’s. Upon graduation, ownership of the laptop is transferred over to you. 

Can I Remove/Deface The NYPD Sticker/ St. John's University Plaque?
No, because the laptop is  property of St. John’s University until you graduate. The plaque and NYPD sticker were put on the laptop as part of the Academic Computing Initiative program for identification and for your own protection. Defacing these would be defeating the purpose. Removal of the plaque will subject you to a $100.00 defacement fine.

How To Optimize My Battery Life?
Click here to learn more.

Can I connect my laptop to the Internet from home?

  • In order to get online at home you must have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) (i.e., AOL, Netzero, Earthlink, etc).
  • If you are connecting through dial up, connect the phone cord to the back of your laptop and the other end into the phone jack.
  • Dial into your ISP.

Cable or DSL (non-wireless)

  • You must have a DSL or cable modem as your connection (ie. Roadrunner, Verizon DSL, Optimum online, etc.)
  • Connect one end of your Ethernet cable to the back or your laptop and the other into the DSL/Cable modem.
  • Be sure that you installed the DSL/Cable software that came with your modem onto your laptop.

Cable or DSL (wireless)

  • You must have a DSL or cable modem as your connection (ie. Roadrunner, Verizon DSL, Optimum online, etc.)
  • You must purchase a wireless router (available at any electronic store). 
  • Follow the instructions that come with the wireless router. Be sure that you had installed the software that came with it.

My AOL won't work when I am home.
Click here for help.