Accessing Library Resources from Off Campus

Off campus access to licensed online library resources (full-text databases, reference sources, and other online research and information sources) is available only to current St. John's students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Regardless of where you are – on campus or off campus – if you're connected to the internet, click on links to resources on the Libraries' web site and you'll be asked to log in to any restricted resource. When you log in, use your St. John's NT account.

NT account user name: First letter of their first name with first four letters of their last name and the last three numbers of their X number. Name is the exact name that appears on your Storm card. You can also use your complete e-mail address to login to the network.

NT account password: By default, it is Capital S, lowercase j and the 8-digit number on the Storm card OR just the 8-digit number on the Storm card. You may change your password by typing CTRL, ALT, DEL at any Network/Lab desktop computer on campus. Choose change password and select at least eight (8) characters, at least one (1) alphanumeric characters and at least one (1) capital letter that you will remember.