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4 credits

The Kinship Caregiver Law Project Clinic will be offered as a one-semester clinical program available to second and third year students and fourth-year students who have finished three semesters of law school and are available to work at the clinic during the day. St. John's University is partnering with the Kinship Caregiver Law Project of MFY Legal Services, Inc. to provide students with the opportunity to assist and represent kinship caregivers who are caring for related children outside of the formal foster care system due to parental abuse, neglect or abandonment in custody, guardianship and adoption proceedings. Clinical students will have the opportunity to represent clients in court, conduct intake interviews over the phone and in the family courts, draft "know your rights" handbooks, conduct educational workshops at community organizations, and engage in policy work at the city and state level. Casework will be supervised by experienced MFY family law attorneys.

Prerequisite: LEGAL WRITING II