Immigrant Social Justice Clinic

St. John’s is partnering with the Immigrant Tenant Advocacy Project (ITAP) of the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese's Catholic Migration Office to offer the Immigrant Social Justice Clinic: Housing and Employment. Students participating in this full-year clinic have the opportunity to engage in community organizing and legal representation of tenants affected by substandard housing conditions and related problems in predominantly immigrant neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens, New York.

Working to improve housing conditions and combat harassment of low-income tenants, students:

  • Engage in outreach and intake at community-based institutions
  • Follow up on efforts to organize large groups of tenants
  • Lobby meetings
  • Attend press conferences
  • Draft administrative complaints
  • Prosecute affirmative legal actions

Supervised by experienced tenants' rights attorneys and community organizers from the Catholic Migration Office, the Clinic explores the intersection of law and organizing, giving students the chance to represent clients in court and to take part in community lawyering through non-litigation activities.


Robert McCreanor
Adjunct Professor of Law