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Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies in a Global City

As a New York City academic institution, St. John’s School of Law sits at the commercial, cultural and legal crossroads of the world. And St. John’s is a great choice for both aspiring lawyers and those who already have a law degree who want to prepare themselves for the practice of law in an increasingly interconnected global legal market. The legal world is both shrinking and flattening – and through its Office of Graduate Studies, St. John’s School of Law offers its students ample opportunities to train for this global profession.

Graduate Programs for Global Lawyers

St. John’s School of Law offers outstanding LL.M. (Master of Laws ) programs for both American and foreign-trained attorneys. Our graduate law programs include:

LL.M. in Bankruptcy
St. John’s offers the only LL.M. in Bankruptcy program in the nation. This highly successful program offers a wide array of specialized bankruptcy courses taught by leading practitioners, judges and academics. Our graduates practice with top firms and clerk for influential judges throughout the country.  The program combines academic rigor with a practice-oriented approach that is designed to produce bankruptcy attorneys with the skills, the ambition and the knowledge to become leaders in the insolvency field. 

LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice
This unique LL.M. program is designed specifically for lawyers with a passion for sports and a strong desire to practice in this challenging and dynamic area of the law. Open to American and foreign law graduates, this program comprises one semester of intense and focused academics, followed by a semester of practice placement with sports law firms, agencies, regulatory bodies, leagues, or teams.

LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice
A degree program designed for both American and foreign-trained attorneys seeking advanced training for transnational practice. With concentration tracks in public international legal practice, cross-border transactions, or transnational dispute resolution, students may also design their own course of study to meet their professional needs and personal interests.

LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies
A very focused LL.M. program designed specifically to prepare foreign-trained lawyers with the knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for and pass the New York Bar Examination. For foreign-trained lawyers wishing to practice in New York permanently or to enter transnational practice in their home jurisdiction, admission to the New York Bar is essential. While some law schools use qualification to sit the New York Bar as a marketing hook for their generic LL.M. programs, St. John’s objective is specifically to assist you in every way possible in your goal of passing the Bar Examination and gaining admission to the New York Bar.

Transnational Studies for J.D. Students

Summer Study Abroad
St. John’s School of Law hosts month-long programs each summer at the University’s beautiful Rome and Paris campuses, each located in the heart of one of the Great Cities of Europe. Students with an interest in international and comparative law – or simply wanting to expand their legal education experience overseas – will find no better programs.

International Practica
We justifiably pride ourselves on our strong reputation for preparing young lawyers for the practice of law, and our transnational programs also provide experiential learning opportunities for J.D. students. For the 2012-2013 academic year, two students will be doing five-month practicum placements with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Mons, Belgium. Additional overseas practica will be added in the 2013-2104 academic year and beyond.

Glasgow Academic Exchange
The academic exchange with Glasgow University Law School offers students another exciting opportunity for semester-long study abroad. Under the Glasgow Academic Exchange Program, St. John’s will host the most highly qualified students from Glasgow, while similarly talented and committed St. John’s Law students may sample the intellectual and cultural riches that Glasgow Law School offers. Currently enrolled and matriculated J.D. students who are in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 3.2 may apply for the Glasgow Academic Exchange Program.

Dean's Travel Study Program - Israel
The Dean’s Travel Study Program’s Israel trip aims to combine academic lectures from Israeli professors, meetings with lawyers from Israeli society (firms, NGOs, military, judges and elected officials), audiences with members of Israeli society (business leaders, art & entertainment, religious, etc.), tours of ancient and modern sites vital to different faiths, visits to museums to understand the history of the land and other activities to gain an understanding of Israeli culture and law. The leaders of the Dean’s Travel Study Program will ensure that multiple viewpoints are heard on issues ranging from human rights to immigration to politics.

Submit a completed application no later than October 30, 2016.

You may apply online or pick up an application form at the Office of Transnational Programs.

Other Transnational Programs

Global Law Fellows
The Dean welcomes up to 12 visiting foreign research fellows to St. John’s School of Law each semester. Whether final year undergraduate, masters, or doctoral law students from foreign universities, St. John’s is proud to welcome such promising young scholars from around the world to our academic community and to New York City.

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