Consumer Protection Clinic

The Consumer Protection Clinic is offered as a two semester clinical program available to second and third year students. Part-time students who have completed three semesters of law school and are available to work at the clinic during the day are eligible to apply. St. John's University is partnering with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs to give students the opportunity to learn the inner workings of an administrative agency, the responsibilities and duties of an administrative agency, and the process of decision-making in enforcement of consumer laws, including false advertising laws.

Students will survey print and advertising, signage and the internet for possible false and deceptive advertising. Students will engage in research and investigations; draft pleadings (whether state court pleadings or tribunal notices of hearings); engage in settlement negotiations; draft settlements; and conduct or participate in hearings. Students will also participate in conducting consumer and industry outreach on advertising issues, as well as draft consumer tips and other educational materials.